What are your Top 5 foods or items that make your life easier?



  • KingHurlbutt
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    I recently started cooking... so one of my go to foods lately is eggs. And in the morning those bags of obrien potatoes and onion mixes.
  • kabrina30
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    1. Food scale
    2. Happy Scale trending app
    3. Spray oil
    4. Seasonings/spices
    5. Diet pop
    6. Strawberry cheesecake yogurt
  • Athijade
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    1. MFP... because duh. Without it, I wouldn't be doing this.
    2. Eggs... I eat SO many eggs but I love them and they help me stay full.
    3. Meal prep and planning (Cozi meals)... Since I began to prep for the week, I stay on target better. I plan out the week, buy what I need, and prep my breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks for the week.
    4. Flavored roasted almonds... great snack I can keep at work in a drawer for the munchies
    5. Slow cooker AND Instantpot... expanded my options for dinners especially during the week
  • choppie70
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    My Fitbit
    My home gym
    Food scale
    My husband (we meal prep and exercise together)
  • reversemigration
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    Garnet2727 wrote: »
    4. Steel cut oats. I'm of an age where I need FIBER. These are a great for breakfast. I make a week's worth in my IP every Sunday.

    This. Add in some frozen/fresh berries and you've got a lot of your day's fiber by breakfast!
  • AuthorNinja
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    This is a fun thread! :D for me, my five things are:

    -MFP. Gotta give thanks to the site that gives me the platform to be accountable!
    -My gym. I strength train and run, and I love it!
    -Coffee. A fantastic morning plus that is my reward for after I workout.
    -Quest bars. I love the 20+ grams of protein I get in the morning and I have it with my coffee. It keeps me full for hours and I can make it until lunch.
    -Diet doctor pepper. I used to not drink soft drinks, but when the weather is hot or my job gets me exhausted (I work in a kitchen so it's very hot) the crisp soda helps me immensely. I can't tell it's diet either.
    -Chicken! I love how much protein I get from it!!!!!
  • motivatedmartha
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    1. Husband - he encourages me outdoors and to be more active. Won't let me shirk walks.
    2. Food scale
    3. Onken yoghurt - eat it with fruit, use it in salad dressings and for anything else requiring cream
    4. Internet recipes - particularly for interesting salads for my lunch.
    5. Salmon and Tesco lighter salad cheese (pretend feta, less salty with fewer calories)
    6. If I can have six things, my mfp food diary is important. I prelog in the mornings whenever possible (I plan a menu every week) so I don't accidentally overeat. That 5 mins in the morning takes the guess work out of my day.
  • bioklutz
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    I have 3 :)

    1. Coffee. Nothing happens without coffee.

    2. I have been working out regularly for over 10 years. I mostly did cardio and in recent years I have started weight training. Throughout the 10+ years there has been times when I was heavier than I want to be, but I physically felt great. I feel so much better if I have a strong cardiovascular system and don't feel like a weakling.

    3. I love food. All kinds of foods. I love to eat. I love the high calorie fried stuff. I love a good burger. I love ice cream. I love spicy Korean food. I love low calorie veggies and lean protein. I love low calorie fudgesicles. A snack of plain cheerios is even tasty to me. If I am trying to lose weight finding lower calorie options that I enjoy is not a problem with me. Unless it is mushrooms. Mushrooms are vile. Everything else is fine! :wink:
  • nooshi713
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    1.) Morningstar farms Chik Patties - yummy vegetarian protein and easy to cook for 90 seconds in the microwave.
    2.) Fairlife milk or chocolate milk - delicious protein.
    3.) Madras lentils - also easy to heat up for 60 seconds in the microwave.
    4.) Fitbit - to get a better estimate of my activity level.
    5.) Trail shoes and hiking poles - for my primary method of working out.
  • nowine4me
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    madwells1 wrote: »
    1. MFP
    2. Digital Scale
    3. Apple Watch
    4. Hoka Running Shoes
    5. Coffee
    6. Home gym (pilates reformer)
    7. Chloe’s popsicles

    Ditto with some minor modifications
  • fuzzylop72
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    1: mma gym membership, since the conditioning classes tend to be fun for me, as is bjj
    2: forerunner 935, battery lasts a super long time, and it has all sorts of running stats to satisfy my overly analytic side
    3: endangered species 88% dark chocolate
    4: japanese sweet potatoes
    5: seitan
  • Crossfitninja2point0
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    1. Fitbit
    2. Crossfit nanos
    3. Sugarfree popsicles (its become quite an obsession lol)
    4. My job at the gym..it keeps me focused
    5. Core power drinks
  • bufger
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    1. Blood glucose readings
    2. My clothes &a mirror
    3. Protein
    4. MFP diary
    5. Linear progression at the gym.
  • Orphia
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    Steam Fresh (frozen veggies / pasta / rice sachets you microwave to cook)



    Technology - MFP, Garmin, Strava, Facebook, Happy Scale, iPhone, Photography


  • anothermfpuser
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    Home gym - Weights, C2 Rower & Pilates Reformer/Tower
    Running gear
    Bike & car rack
    Scale for the occasional check in.
    MFP community
  • Oma827
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    Thank you for this positive thread!
    1. MFP prelogging each morning.
    2. Fairlife milk, high protein low sugar.
    3. Birds eye zucchini lentil pasta. Mix with Muir Glen Garden Vegetable pasta sauce, lean ground beef crumbles, LeSeur baby peas. Microwave lunch at work.
    4. ASICS sneakers for walking.
    5. Seedless red grapes frozen for 10 min.
  • fb47
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    1) Food Scale
    2) Prelogging my meals on mfp (I know what I eat in advance and know that I cannot eat anything else outside of what I planned)
    3) Coffee (Helps me forget about food)
    4) Pickles - When I am cutting, pickles goes a long way into tricking my food not to feel hungry all the time.
    5) MS Excel & Libra app - It's more of a virtual item I guess, I use excel to track my weekly average weight and see how much I am gaining or losing weight. I like libra for the chart.
  • Stationagentjules
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    Extreme wellness Spinach Herb tortillas
    Hidden Valley Ranch Greek Yogurt dressing
    Sugar Kiss melon
    Starkist 70 cal tuna pouch
    Smuckers sugar free breakfast syrup (for my plain Greek yogurt)
    Dole fruit cups - grapefruit segments