July 2018 Running Challenge



  • Orphia
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    [...]I wish the first mile didn't always feel like garbage. After about a mile and a half my body just wakes up and kicks into gear. I just can't seem to ever get off to a good start. I'll even do a light warm up to help flush my legs, but it doesn't aid in my effort. I think it's more a mental thing than physical, but I honestly don't know. I'm certainly no expert on running.

    Generally, I'll have a rough 1.5 miles and then all of a sudden my body gets with the program and my breathing evens out and pace really picks up. I'll have a lot of great energy for about 800m and then my body is like, "Okay, that's enough of that - go back to your usual pace." Then I'll get another energizing wind another half mile later and continue the same process. LOL. It's a bit frustrating, since my body doesn't want to keep a constant pace as much as I try. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong, but I just try to listen to my body and let it do it's thing.

    @RunnerGrl1982 Don't worry! Slow first miles happens to us all, and it's totally a thing in running.

    And it sounds like you've also got some sort of natural "intervals mode" thing going too! :smile:
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    July 1 - 10 km club run
    July 2 - 22 km long run
    July 3 - sick
    July 4 - sick
    July 5 - sick
    July 6 - sick
    July 7 - 10 km run
    July 8 - 6 km club run / 14 km run
    July 9 - 12 km city run
    July 10 - rest day
    July 11 - 23 km run
    July 12 - 23 km run
    July 13 - rest day - Tapering
    July 14 - rest day
    July 15 - 10 km club run/8 km run
    July 16 - 18 km run
    July 17 - rest day
    July 18 - 10 km run
    July 19 - rest day
    July 20 - 5 km last taper run
    July 21 - rest day
    July 22 - 21 km Greenbelt Half Marathon
    July 23 - rest day
    July 24 - rest day
    July 25 - 14 km run
    July 26 - 20 km run
    July 27 - 19 km run

    245 km's run with goal 350 km
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    @workaholic_nurse #sorrynotsorry :lol:
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    I have made progress to becoming a real runner! I have finally found and un packed my gym bag with my running gear in it! :lol:

    Question is - how long is it since it was packed away and had it been used.....?
  • girlinahat
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    @rheddmobile definitely buy a bike. If. I thing else it’ll help you become a better runner by strengthening your legs.

    @_nikkiwolf_ I’m always vaguely interested in the idea of triathlon, if only to get me out more on the bike. Would be keen to follow a training plan if you have any ideas, even if I never do an actual race!!!

    I took private lessons in crawl and worth every penny. Last year I also did an open water swimming course which helped teach me sighting and turns. Very much recommended. I have never learnt breast stroke. I should make that a target.
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    I am envious reading about these Packer runs... even though I lived in Wisconsin for about 12 years, I never made it to Lambeau. I don't get back there too often although my oldest daughter lives out there... I have driven out there to do the Glacial Trail Ultra 50M in Greenbush, and want to do the Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs in Elkhorn and the Dances With Dirt 50K in Baraboo, but I don't know if I can justify the drive for a 5k, even if it would be a chance to enter the sacred halls of the frozen tundra....

    I consider Elkhorn my hometown. Will be moving back up to that area next year.