What are some things you would never spend your calories on?



  • happytree923
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    Anything sweet from the grocery store bakery section other than chocolate chip cookies and birthday cake

    Mashed cauliflower

    Regular mint chocolate chip ice cream. All the low-calories ones I've tried are perfect

    Anything from Chili's
  • strongwouldbenice
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    Muffins. Any other baked good has its place, but not muffins, not anymore. So many calories and it's just never quite as delicious as it should be! I'd rather a doughnut or some cake or a danish or anything!
  • VUA21
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    1. Food I don't like. I don't care how healthy quinoa, kale and sweet potatoes are.... nope!
    2. That's it. I don't eliminate foods, I just eat the high calorie stuff in moderation in order to stay in a deficit.
  • shaf238
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    kardsharp wrote: »
    shaf238 wrote: »
    White chocolate. It's not proper chocolate is it?

    it's not even real chocolate! I am with you on this one.
    Too right!!
  • Lora2380
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    There’s nothing I’ve cut completely if I’m craving it I make it work, but generally in my day to day I’ve cut butter, cheese, cut way down on my bread intake, nuts, avacado, and sugar in my tea. No alcohol during the week and I don’t drink pop anyways. I’ve actually calculated that when I go into maintenance I can add back these things in moderation and feel completely satisfied and not gain!
  • Libby81
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    I wouldn't consider anything a waste of calories unless I really hadn't enjoyed eating it. Everything can be made to fit into a healthy diet if you fancy it.
  • fb47
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    Chips, too much calories for so little, same thing for store bought muffins.
  • jjpptt2
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    vegetables. Oh, wait.. you said that we liked... nevermind.

    I dunno.. stuff I like I typically eat.
  • vegmebuff
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    rainbow198 wrote: »
    Liquid calories such as soda, sugary juice and alcohol. I'd rather eat my calories.

    Things I don't enjoy. In the past I would eat things just because it was there or I didn't want to hurt anyone feelings. Not anymore. If I don't like it I will stop eating.

    Store bought packaged desserts like cakes or cookies. Not worth the calories to me. If I want a dessert I will make from scratch or go to a bakery.

    Most fast food. Too salty and artificial tasting.

    this and...

    convenience or gas stations that sell baked goods
    'cheap' chocolate/candies
    'Safeway' cakes/tarts, etc.,
    Salad dressings/creamy sauces
    reg. soda
    most food from chain-type restaurants
    'Starbucks', etc., sugared-up specialty coffees/teas
    Reg. cheap ice cream/frozen desserts
  • SuzySunshine99
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    The cupcakes that Human Resources puts out once a month for birthdays. I mean, they're fine, but not outstanding, so...nah. I just dread the comments every month...."Why would you NOT have a cupcake???" Apparently, "Because I don't want one" is not an acceptable answer in my office.
  • Johnd2000
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    Literally nothing whatsoever.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    My old high school classmate has crafted a beer for the Texas State Fair. Revolver Brewing Corn Dog Beer, served with mustard on the rim.

    Upon learning of that, I decided that I can never say never.
  • quiksylver296
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    Never say never!
  • chrisahubbard
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    I refuse to spend my calories on anything that is extremely healthy.
  • kstarallen
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    Ice cream.

    Froyo is way better IMO anyway
  • JennJ323
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    regular pop, wraps (I sometimes get the lower calorie ones, but in general it's not worth it to me), doughnuts/cake/cupcakes (never was a huge sweets person), nuts and while I love cheese by itself I find on a sandwich or burger or salad I can hardly taste it so I usually skip it.
  • hesn92
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    wine, regular soda (don't even like it anymore, i drink diet now), any kind of juice really. Hmm.... most everything is fair game if I really want it.
  • hesn92
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    shaf238 wrote: »
    kardsharp wrote: »
    shaf238 wrote: »
    White chocolate. It's not proper chocolate is it?

    it's not even real chocolate! I am with you on this one.
    Too right!!

    It's delicious though.
  • ZoneFive
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    And good craft beer. Right now, - for serious - I'm drinking 20 oz (roughly 400 cal) of amazing tiramisu (coffee/chocolate) stout. Worth every tasty calorie.

    Tiramisu. Stout. I swoon. We had a small Eye Opener coffee/chocolate stout in Kalamazoo yesterday. 250 calories well earned and spent.
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Finding a way to enjoy life in good health is the magic.

    This one goes in the journal.