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Does This Uterus Make My Stomach Look Fat?



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    pinuplove wrote: »
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    I'm still overweight but I would love to later show or see how a c-section scar can affect bellies. For me, I had no real "flap" or apron from my scar until after my next pregnancy. It's normal but many women find it hard to reconcile.

    I haven't had a c-section, but I do have the belly "dog jowls" after five pregnancies. It has significantly improved over time and the flaps of skin have become thinner from weight loss. What my future stomach would look like after all my pregnancies was one of the first things I wondered about when I first started losing weight and it's so hard to find realistic photos of moms after weight loss. Super frustrating.

    I love your pics! Thank you for sharing. My tummy is very similar. Have you ever heard of The Shape of a Mother? I won't link here since some of it is NSFW, but the site is the same as the name :wink: It's full of stories and pictures from real women.

    I haven't seen it before but I will check it out! Thank you!
  • MexicangreensalsaMexicangreensalsa Member Posts: 292 Member Member Posts: 292 Member

    Thank you everyone for the praise, I feel very humble and overawed right now.

    For those women who are tempted, but shy, don't think they are 'there' yet, please consider posting.

    The beauty of this thread is that it isn't about beauty, it is about real life women's stomachs, with or without a uterus. (Shar-pei, or 'scream').

    We have all worked to get where we are today, and are working on where we want to be in the future, and everyone's pictures have value to help others see they are not alone.

    Perfection is seldom obtained, and not required.

    Much love and admiration to all,

    Cheers, h.

    Did you post yours?
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