Lose 5lbs + in September 2018



  • mari_moulin
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    Ultimate Starting weight - 338.8 Lbs
    Current weight - 189 Lbs
    September goal - 183 Lbs

    Ultimate goal - 164 Lbs

    Sep 01 - 186.8
    Sep 08 -
    Sep 15 -
    Sep 22 -
    Sep 29 -

    Total loss for September - 2.2 LBS


    Did you went from 338 to 189 by using this app only? Any advice you could give would be of much help to me, I'm 213lb hoping to get to 150lbs. Thanks

    I've only used this app for my weight loss journey when it comes to calorie counting, logging and workouts. I lost my first 70 lbs doing only that along with the amazing support in these groups. half way through my journey i decided to get weight loss surgery to help me finally reach my goals. this is how i have gotten to where i am now. 70 lbs on my own and the rest with the help of WLS but STILL lots of working out and calorie counting.
  • suzievv
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    (I’m 5’2.5”)

    Original starting weight : 150
    September starting weight: 135
    Ultimate goal : 122

    September 1: 135.0
    September 8: 136.8
    September 15:
    September 22:
    September 29:
  • candiolson1979
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    Original starting weight -206 February 2018
    September starting weight - 193.4
    September goal - 187
    Ultimate goal - 150

    Total loss for September -

  • tramaine_21
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    I'm baaaaccck!! I am -1 lb away to where I left off in since mid-July!
    What am I doing? OMAD! (One meal a day). Healthy meals. Not keto diet per se but I do make keto recipes.
    Upped my water intake 6 to 9 cups of water daily
    Exercise, of course!
    Carbs: Low/Moderate No less than 80g to 150g, however it has been much lower lately. I'm working to increase it. Fat: Moderate 70 to 80g

    I refuse to have Keto Rash--never again--EVER! :smiley:

    August 27th: 193.4/194.0*

    ***Started OMAD on Sept. 4th*****

    September 8th: 188.8 lbs!!
    Final weigh-in (perhaps): Sept. 15th

    It depends, if I feel good throughout the month then I may weigh-in after the 15th but I do think it's healthy for me to stay away from the scale; I like these little surprises!

    I feel good. I feel great. OMAD is a challenge but when done correctly--it ROCKS! So far so good....
  • deepwoodslady
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    @SuzOh When I finally hit 197 I knew I was in onederland to stay. Any bounce up would not put me out of the 100's, I was confident in that and I was right. You are almost there and you should be so proud of all your progress since January. You've got this!
  • belladamjc
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    Ultimate Starting weight - 250.8 Lbs
    Current weight - 231.2 Lbs
    September goal - 226 Lbs
    Ultimate goal - 154 Lbs

    Sep 01 - 231.7
    Sep 08 - 230.8
    Sep 15 -
    Sep 22 -
    Sep 29 -

    Total loss for September - 1.4 LBS

    Seems to be flattening out. Surprised this is happening so early in my program :(