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  • caco_ethes
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    I’d bill for a slap right now
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member
    It's like a switch got flipped.
    One day it's summer, in the 90's, humid then the next it's raining everyday with temps in the 70's.
    Fall is here.
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member
    A while back I got very sick, I was passing out when I'd get up to go to the kitchen or bathroom, etc.
    Somewhere along the way I destroyed my finger.
    I don't remember how although I do remember screaming in pain when I hit it.
    That went on for a few days until my mother came and I went to stay with her while I got better.
    My finger healed messed up, knuckle is crushed.
    I'm trying to decide whether I want to have it operated on or whether I want to just live with it.

  • nooshi713
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    My Belizean bae
  • mustacheU2Lift
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    Pancakes and bacon
  • 777Gemma888
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    Reading posts about Navy beans is making me want to bake Bean Pie. I don't even want to eat it. Am buckling down on my diet. No distractions. 🙅🙅🙅
  • CaptainFantastic01
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    Today I learned that one of my crushes and I have to same color. Also I got a computer again and I forgot how nice the desktop version of this website is. also I am so glad to have my BFF back. ALSO ALSO again again We are watching the office at work and it's great but the rest of the work day is pretty *kitten*.
  • iMago
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    i saw this deal online earlier for a powerbank/battery jumpstarter combo on Lowes for 21 bucks, on sale, down from like $90.

    i go camping a lot and have been meaning to pick one up because if i was out somewhere with a dead battery and nobody to give me a jump, i'd be screwed.

    so i was like "yeah awesome, finally a good deal" and i placed the order, meaning to go pick it up after work today.
    they only had one in stock at this one store within like 100 miles of me.

    then they called me like 5 mins after i placed the order online to say that sorry, someone else had come in and bought it, basically right as i placed my order online.

    womp womp
  • My busy week ahead and hoping I can stick to my schedule.
  • mojo4717
    mojo4717 Posts: 256 Member
    I can’t sleep but I’m exhausted and I’m looking at maybe 3 hours sleep max if I can get to sleep now.. then I have to stay awake at least 12 hours 😬🙈 please someone knock me out lol
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member
    The State Fair starts tomorrow!

  • mojo4717
    mojo4717 Posts: 256 Member
    Just sleep
  • caco_ethes
    caco_ethes Posts: 11,962 Member
    I’ve reached that point in my Frappuccino where I have to go all shake weight on the cup to get anything to come up the straw. I didn’t get the melt:drink ratio right
  • iMago
    iMago Posts: 8,714 Member
    i'm as much of a basic becky as the next guy, but pumpkin spice lattes are actually trash

    like i get one once a year when they're first available, and then i immediately regret it because they're just a disgustingly sweet sugar bomb that makes me crash the rest of the day- and they don't even taste *that* good.

    they need to just bring back the unicorn drink already.
  • How empty my bank account is and how hard it is to save these days :cry: