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  • Rebecca - My little office area looks like your middle son's room. Lenora
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    Did Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Body Flow DVD (I believe this is pilates – or else it’s yoga)

    M – I’m so sorry to hear that you are in such pain. Glad the doctor is attending to at least an infection. If it turns out that it isn’t an infection, I’m sure she’ll then attack the possibility of TMJ. I’m sure you’ll get an answer pretty soon. Until then, I’m so sorry you have to be in such pain. Hopefully, it IS an infection and an antibiotic will take care of it so you’ll be out of pain.

    Allie – when they do the house inspection, I would think that the fact that electrical work is need would come out. Then again, the inspector told us that one of the outlets was a GFI and it turns out that it wasn’t

    Made avocado cookies for the husband of the gal whose house I play mahjongg at. His birthday was last week but they were out of the country and I won’t see him until this Monday. He’s a chemical engineer and Jess was getting rid of this apron that had the periodic table on it so I’m going to give that to him. I’m thinking that he’ll like it.

    Did a load of laundry. Now I have to put it all away. Also making a cake for Pete’s birthday next week. I’m going to TRY to make it into the shape of a boat. Who knows if the post office will get it there in tact (I doubt it) so I’m going to take a picture of it before I send it.

    Katla – BDS = bone density scan. I do hope your accountant is able to help you.

    Strung some more popcorn. Vince is surprised that I’m not in the pool. I wish I could, but I really want to get the popcorn strung before the windy weather comes. I was scheduled to usher tonight and then lector tomorrow morning. I did tell the lady that any Saturday Except but she still scheduled me. I asked if someone could usher for me since she asked me to lector and to let me know if they would but no one let me know so I’ll go. The priest did say that I didn’t have to, that he would find someone to usher. But to me, this would drive home the fact that she’s making mistakes. Again I’m not scheduled to lector for the next two months. Tomorrow it’ll be 5 months since I last lectored. Well…at least that’s less than the other time. Once before she didn’t schedule me for 6 months and only did because I said something. Guess I have to wait another 3 months before I’m to lector again! Oh well…. I see others are schedule once a month, but not me. Not sure why. Update: did go to church and ushered. Realized that I was the only person she put on to usher for tonight. You need at least two people, honestly mainly because more than one person should be sorting the money. Anyway, this one guy said that he'd help me but he couldn't help me hand out the bulletins at the end of the mass because he had to do something with the KofC. So I asked another guy to help me. It's a good thing that I went. The priest was going to try to find someone for me but he would have had to find two people!

    Jokatdan – welcome. You’re so right…better late than never. Tell us more about yourself and just jump in and post when you can

    Michele in NC
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    stats for the day:

    spin class- 4min, 125ahr, 152mhr, 95aw, 87ar 10.9mi= 381c
    Apple Watch- 413c
    floor exercises- 9.56min, 2sets of 15 ea, 6 different exercises, 105ahr, 117mhr= 74c
    Apple Watch-69c

    total 455 cal
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    Happy first day of autumn—(insert falling leaf emojis here). Crisp, fall air today! Will be sure to take a walk outside to soak it in. But first exercise, errands and chores.

    We were out all day yesterday looking at foreclosure properties and skipped lunch!! Boy was I hungry by the time we got home. I think I will make an apple pie later on, after making yogurt and hummus - my go to food for the week

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    NYKAREN - I love hummus sooooooooooooo much that I'm afraid to make it. It's a trigger food for me, like Wholeearth peanut butter. OMG. I only have that when I go to my son's house, like today. Big treat.
    Today it will be supermarket Entertaining food plus my son's cheese selection. :o:o:o I'm taking my AF wine, but I expect he will have something AF to give me. Hope so.
    It will be difficult calorie wise as eating times will be all over the place with Edie's party, but it's only one day. :D<3<3<3<3 I am still at goal weight wise after four and two thirds years. o:):laugh:

    Wet out there, but not as windy as predicted. They cancelled a big bicycle race, which looks as if it could have gone ahead after all.

    Going to make lunch and then we are off.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Heather~ you and hubby have a wonderful time at Edies birthday .. first full day of fall and im in jeans and a sweatshirt...
    going down to feed my FIL and then come back and think I will help my neighbor... make beef stew and do some cleaning and picking up for him... I put a sign up hiring myself out as a helper... just have to make sure that i am getting paid and not doing this just because...
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    I find this very inspiring, I've been on my journey a few years and keep stalling but not giving up I WILL break lose and get to where I want to be.

    Welcome, Cassie, we're glad you're here! Welcome to all the new ones. Tell us what you'd like us to call you, and where you are in general, so it helps us keep everybody straight. We've got ladies from the UK, Tasmania, NZ (where ARE you, Wendy?) and all over the US here.

    A few cool fall days finally got to Arkansas, but we'll warm up again this week. The cool, rainy days are so beautiful here, as rain in West Texas usually had a tendency to be violent. Here, they are more "soft" days, much like those in the UK. Absolutely lovely, and got to drift off to sleep with the windows open, listening to the crickets.

    Walked quite a bit of the property yesterday for the first time. Pure forest, the back 10 or so acres, and we'll need to take a machete next time (seriously) and clear a path along the fence lines, as we're not quite sure where the back line of the property ends. We need to go find the surveyor's stakes and blaze some trees along that line.

    Got a little painting done, more to do this morning. The hazard to the cool, wet fall days is that my knee does NOT like it. But, then, it doesn't like much.

    I'll be working out plenty today, but I'm on the hunt for some exercises I can do beginning tomorrow that don't involve that knee. Suggestions welcome--I'm right at my eight-month mark, and stalled again. Need to be exercising, and have been too mentally and physically exhausted to do it with all the travel. It's time to just get over it. I know I feel better when I exercise.

    Love y'all,
    I'll be putting some things up on the house blog this morning, and more tomorrow.
    Lisa in cool, green Arkansas
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    Penny ~ Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us. Those houses look so snug!
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    I really need some “me” time! Super busy.

    RV Rita

    Pic of the Ocho Milas bike race they had here yesterday. First time I’ve been to one. Fun!