What I Hate About Watching My Weight/New Lifestyle/Dieting, etc. (A Place to Vent)



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    My trick for the foods that are troublesome for me is to do some NLP and program them so that they are disgusting to me. Have to refresh it every now and then but it can be very effective.
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    I miss the tasty triggery things that can't be found in single servings (I have no self -control and I know it). Soon it will be winter, and the tasty variety of buyable-by-the-scoop ice cream (in a lovely 15-20 calorie cake cone) will be harder to come by as well.
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    I just hate that it’s never ending. I really enjoy working out, I’ve got that part down. I do NOT enjoy paying constant attention to what I eat in order to maintain my weight. It’s like I can never truly relax, constant vigilance.
    Pretty much!

    Sick of looking at numbers.

    Can’t wait to hit maintenance so I won’t have to be so strict.

    Spoiler alert, maintenance is almost just as hard, lol.

    Way to rain on my parade 😅😊

    I think in many ways it's harder. You think you can relax but you really can't and you don't get any regular motivation of seeing progress on the scale. That's my gripe with this whole thing. Having to be vigilant and mindful day in and day out.

    Just to be clear. I never said it would be easy. I meant you can be more lenient ( when maintaining) with counting calories, I won’t have to be as strict with logging whereas now counting and logging is very crucial as I’m trying to lose weight.

    I’ve read people saying on maintenance they don’t feel the need to log everyday. I’m aware it’s still important to count and log while maintaining though.