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What I Hate About Watching My Weight/New Lifestyle/Dieting, etc. (A Place to Vent)

First off, if you are going to post that you have no hate towards anything in the title, have embraced it all with acceptance, yada yada, this is not the place for that. (Please start your own thread.) ;)

This is where we get to let off some steam about the things that secretly make us roll our eyes, curse under our breath, think evil thoughts about...well, you get the picture.

I will start:

All of the fast food commercials I am subjected to if I want to watch television programming. Now, these aren't foods I would normally choose if I wasn't watching my calorie intake, but for some reason (because advertisers know what buttons to push) I start wanting them. It gets ridiculous when these commercials are crammed between shows about obesity, weight loss, etc.

Then there are the smells, those fatty, salty/sweet smells that waft through the air in any Walmart, Target, grocery store or in some parts of some cities, in the general area.

What's your beef?