What I Hate About Watching My Weight/New Lifestyle/Dieting, etc. (A Place to Vent)



  • jillstreett
    jillstreett Posts: 69 Member
    Oh I have a few:

    1) watching my husband eat late at night, and it’s always something good like ice cream. I do eat ice cream but it’s earlier in the day, but I still want some when he has it.

    2) people springing a surprise dinner idea on me like an hour before dinner. I like to eat most of my calories earlier in the day, unless a big dinner is pre-planned I usually only have around 300 cals for dinner. I have refused these when I just can’t swing it, and don’t feel bad about it.

    3) as I have lost weight the same exact exercise burns less calories. I mean it’s good that I am losing but.......

    Definitely 1 and 2! Oh my goodness 1 and 2 are very, very difficult to maintain sometimes! I dislike eating past 7pm and 99% of days eat majority of calories from breakfast through after lunch snack!