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    @cloudsongs - I would gladly extend the same offer to you as I did ANewCJ!
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    Anyone here doing a keto diet? Im not seeing any groups on here so establishing this post...? Maybe share experiences, recipes and the like. I justcstarted about six weeks ago and have lost 13 pounds so far. Still have a while to go to get to normal BMI and my ideal weight, but Im making progress on Keto without killing myself in the gym.

    This is a good low carb group with lots of keto topics.

    Low Carber Daily Forum....The LCD Group
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    New to Keto... I’m struggling with what to eat ... I haven’t actually made it through a day with less than 20 net carbs... but I want to!
    Any ideas for quick & easy food ?
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    Also, keep in mind that there are several versions of "Keto"!

    Anyway, here is a link:


    Very helpful link! Makes alot of sense. Just started over the weekend. Wife raves about it and I have hit a plateau with my weight loss so am giving it a go.
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    I’m on Keto now for eight weeks. Have lost weight (35 lbs.) very easily...I rarely work out. I’m going to keep this going until I lose another 25-30 pounds and then just maintain.
    Good luck to you all and add me if you’d like! 😊
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    i started 5 days ago. ive lost ten lbs already. i did have keto flu on day 3... but i learned how to fix it w salt and electrolytes. still low on energy right now, but my appetite and cravings are disappearing
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    I have been on KETO for five weeks and have lost 16lbs so far. I do 35-40 Carbs a day as I do not want to rush the process and give up everything. Once you figure out what macros will put you in Ketosis, your on your way to losing weight.
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    I make keto granola (I mix chopped pecans, sliced almonds, chia seeds, flax meal, sugar-free coconut flakes, coconut oil (unrefined) and some erythritol and then put it in the oven for 20 min at 325). I love this stuff in some almond milk (as cereal), or a little bit of greek yogurt, of homemade keto whipped topping.
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