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    I'm so sorry Kim! Our former neighbors (at our old house) had the most beautiful yard. I so loved her yard and wanted something similar at our house. Then, I realized that her full time "job" was working in her yard. She literally spent 40+ hours a week in her yard, weeding, mowing, pruning, hand watering, etc. I worked full time and could never accomplish that. Heck, I couldn't accomplish it if I didn't work full time. I am deathly afraid of snakes and can't put my hands in the flower beds to weed them. If they are clean, I can spread mulch in them until I can't move though :blush: .

    I hope you can find a way to be honest with your friend. Would it hurt her feelings if you told her that your dream was to have a low maintenance garden that would be sustaining for you?

    I hope you can come to a solution that you are comfortable with. Hugs!

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    Okie, I can't tell her the truth, as she can not imagine that anyone lives on under $200,000 - that's the minimum in her mind ( We do live in the San Francisco bay area where prices are astounding). So she would just pay for stuff to be done. But I bought in 1989 so my mortgage is cheap and I live on about 1/8th of her idea of minimum. So paying for stuff is just not an option. She is what my mom calls a positive person - Positive they are right! LOL I have even heard my mom say to someones face who is being a jerk, you are such a positive person! and they leave happy and I'm doing everything I can to not giggle..

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    Took a 2 hr nap and try and go back to sleep...nighty night.
  • Michelle - I agree with Okie - step away from it. Let them do it 'their way' for a while. Take up something that is 'outside of your box or comfort zone'. Sometimes it takes 'new blood' to move forward. Don't look at it in a 'negative way' … move on and up - UP is where POSITIVE is! There are so many things you could be doing with your time other than 'fretting' about how the Newcomer's Club is doing their directory. People move in, they move out, and in the end, they get to a point that maybe they aren't all that willing to share their information to be published in some manner for whatever reason. You have neighbors and friends around that you could do things with (or for); but, it is time for you to do something that really brings you pleasure.

    It's pretty obvious that handling whatever you are doing for the Newcomer's Club is creating a lot more 'stress' than 'pleasure for you'. I'd hand in my resignation, don't try to 'explain' why - it isn't really their business, and it really won't matter. In the Bible; there is always references to the number 40. I once asked my sister why. She told me that it really wasn't specifically a number more than it was the 'beginning and ending' … Alpha and Omega. You've been doing this job with the Newcomer's Club since I have been on MFP (at least 3 years). Maybe you had the job because nobody else wanted it. So hand it off to this guy and let him fly as he sees fit. You've put in your 40 (whether it is months or weeks or time) … there are always others who 'think' they can do something different. Some people do not like to delegate - because that person 'might not do things like the delegator expects that he/she would do. My Mother was always called on to do things; but, she hated to delegate anything to others, she would rather 'do it herself' and reap the accolades. That was a 'huge issue for me during my teens years' when I really wanted her 'to be my Mother and help me'. But, Women's Club was more important. I'm not saying she was a 'bad' Mother; she was an exceptional Mother. I'm proud that I had her and my Daddy as my parents and that they brought me up the way they did the 3 of us. Just take a breather from it and do something that is 'new' to you!

    Okie - I had a diagnosis of Barrett's Esophagus this past summer (a few months ago) from 'acid reflex' that was NOT controlled by "Nexium". Ask about it if you have been having an 'acidic stomach' or 'acid reflux' most of your life. It takes a minimum of about 12 years of uncontrolled acid reflux to start damaging your esophagus. I was sent to a 'Surgeon' by my GYN when I could have gone to a 'Gastroenterologist. I had been taking "Nexium" and "Pepcid" for over 12 years, going on more like 15 and it was not working. I had the LINX procedure where they go in and put a magnetic expandable ring of stainless steel links, that expand when you swallow and close up when the food goes down, then closed right back up. This corrects a damaged sphincter muscle to keep 'acid from the stomach' from getting up into your esophagus and burning the cells. So, I saved myself and my insurance company $$$ by cutting out the 'middle MD'. My 'Surgeon' laughed and told me I should tell my GYN 'thanks for sending me to him'. I told him that I 'intended on telling him that; but, also to NOT allow a woman to take "Nexium" for as long as I was on it - for a LOT of reasons. Since I have been 'off' the "Nexium" I no longer feel like I am 'in a fog' and it 'feels GOOD'!!!

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    Did Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to do the water class.

    Wellness – welcome. Please continue to post so we can get to know you better.

    M – thank you for that information about SQL. To be honest, at this point, I really don’t care to find out what database they are using. It’s quite evident that god forbid we hurt his (Greg) feelings because he put in so many hours of work. But who cares about Michele’s feeling? Guess her YEARS of work don’t matter. Plus…and I just found this out last night. Evidently one of the gals who is going to work on the website (he wants to step down since Vince asked a few questions and he took it as criticism) has a lot on her plate and, to Vince, is a bit of a scatterbrain (Sandy). Like she goes shooting but the first time she didn’t go. Know why? She’d just bought a gun but she lost the key to the box that she keeps it in. She’d just bought it! And the other gal thinks she knows a lot (Adra), really doesn’t know that much and when (not if) there’s a problem that he (Greg) can’t fix and neither can she (Sandy or Adra), I don’t want to be involved. So, I don’t know how much time she (Sandy) can or wants to spend on this website. I’m suspecting she just wants to maintain it. The president said “she worked for IBM”. She’s going shooting today so Vince is going to talk to her to see what she did at IBM. They’re probably using whatever database is easiest. I remember when he (Greg) first took over the web, Vince and a friend of his (who in Vince’s estimation feels his middle name should be SQL. He worked for Vince so he knows Steves’ abilities) went to this guy’s house because he doesn’t know SQL.

    Rebecca – yea for jeans that fit!

    Barbara – I’m not entirely “relieved” of Newcomer things right now. But as of April, I plan to be.

    Rye – Vince just told me (I’m not to tell anyone in Newcomers) that the girl who they think is going to administer the website has no idea of different languages. She told Vince that she and Adra went to Greg’s house and he seemed to know what’s what. Now…at the board meeting Adra seems to think that Sandy is going to be head and Sandy seems to think that it’s going to be mostly Adra. This should be a comedy of errors! Greg has indicated that he wants out, but he’ll be backup for Sandy and Adra. I’ll just do what I do..enter new members on the “old” directory. Adra told me it wasn’t going to be taken down. Yea, right. Why would you have a “new” directory and an “old” directory unless the plan wasn’t to do away with the “old” (just like “new coke”). I told her that if that is done and if she doesn’t know what the language is needed is…then there WILL be problems. Well, not my problem. I was never told how to enter a member on the “new” directory. If Adra does it, talk about stupid! Right now I think it’s totally stupid that I should have to enter the exact same information in two different places. Now to have someone else entering that same information! Talk about really stupid. My personal opinion (which is totally rejected) is that we should go to a company that does this. Yes, it’s going to cost. But the cost in the end, to me, is more substantial. After they set things up, Sandy and/or Adra can maintain. This way, if they have a question, at least they have someone to go to who knows what they’re talking about. But what do Vince or I know? He’s only worked for 23 years with computers. He’s not a programmer, but he has had IT experience. I told them there are people on the “old” member list but not on the “new” one since I was never told how to put them on. Evidently, Adra is going to find out who. That’s fine, I have no desire whatsoever to go thru 14 pages of member names just to find discrepancies – and I have no idea how many there are.

    Rita – tell me more about this airplane cruise. That sounds interesting

    Pip – you really know how to turn my stomach!!!

    Lisa – I’m so sorry about the floor.

    Okie – why am I waiting until next year? That’s when the fiscal year ends. They’ll have to find a new president, I’m guessing the current vice president is only doing this as a favor to the president, he’s already said that he doesn’t want to be president (which is good, he’s not dynamic AT ALL), a new treasurer, and hospitality and membership. This whole thing should be quite interesting and amusing. I’ll do my job, what needs to be done, and just ride it out. Hope all goes well at the doctor’s.

    Gardeners – I got some bulbs (I think they’re crocuses, I wanted something that blooms early in the season) but where I want to plant them we now have mulch. How do you plant in a mulched area? As you can tell, gardening is NOT my forte at all. I'm the religious type when it comes to gardening "god will take care of it, and if not, then it wasn't meant to be"

    It started raining while I was in with Shadow. I’ve never seen her act this way before. For the first time ever, she was laying on the floor next to the bed. Usually she’s up on the bed. Then she was laying on the floor next to the wall. Guess that’s how she deals with the thunder.

    Michele in NC
  • Kim - My Mother, a devout Christian, could 'rip' someone a 'new @$$-O' with a smile on her face - dice, sliced, and chop - and they would not 'know' that they had just been 'told in such a nice way that they were being jerks' until she smiled and turned around and walked away from them and they started sliding apart. It always amazed me that those people who were 'jerks' had been 'told off' and those 'people who maybe were just 'acting out' were 'corrected'. She was a teacher; but, if we came home griping about a teacher or how something happened at school, she would listen to our side of the story; then tell us that 'if' we needed to 'expand' on our story, we needed to do it right then; because she was going to call the teacher and get their side of the story'.

    She taught my oldest sister English in a 'split class' (lunchtime took up 30 minutes in the middle of her class). When the bell rang for 'lunch' some of the boys (mostly) would jump up and head for the door. One day she told them that she had 'not dismissed' them to go to lunch and until she did there were NOT to get out of their seats. If they did; they would all stay in and not go to lunch the next day. One of the guys told my sister, 'oh, she won't do that'. To which my sister responded, 'you don't know my Mama'. Next day, bell rang for lunch and he jumped up and headed towards the door. She told him to 'sit back down' - they were going to stay in class through lunch. The next day, his Mama came to the school to pick him up for lunch; when she did - she had to go to the Principal's office to check him out and told him "Johnny's version of the story". The Principal, at the time, called Mother into the Office and asked her what her 'side of the story' was. She told him, then she turned to his Mother and told her 'she was more than welcome to take him home to eat; but, if she did - don't come to the school complaining about how the other students treated him when he got back to school. This was a friend of hers. The Mother looked at my Mother and said, 'thank you, Johnny's NOT coming home … you can tell him exactly why, too'.

    Kim - I understand where you are going with the neighbor/friend about your garden. My oldest sister came help me declutter my house; but, my house and hers are totally different. I fell and broke my wrist putting an angel she had brought me up on a high shelf - and the stool went one way and I went the other. Come to find out, later, she decided that she would not come back to help me anymore because she thought Louis took the broken angel and set it up on the counter. He thought that he could glue it back together. Which he probably could. But, I was the one who took it out of the trashcan she had thrown it in. At least we got most of it done; but, I just cleaned out my corner cabinet the week before last and called and asked her 'if she wanted the part of Mother's china that I had gotten'. She was 'thrilled' that I asked … maybe because she 'knew' I had gotten around do decluttering my kitchen cabinets. I'm sure she would want me to take 2/3rd of what is hanging in my little corner office area off the utility room; but, what is hanging up there is/was important to me when I hung it up there - after finally giving up looking at all my Daddy's 'law certificates' and 'let him go'. I think we 'give up what we need to give up when we are ready'. I'd thank her for wanting to help me; but, tell her that you appreciate her suggestions; but, with working full-time - you need to wait and maybe be on the 'tour' the following April. I know my house nor my garden or yard is up to Suzanne's standards; but, ours have never been. She has a beautiful home and it looks like it has been decorated by a decorator and it has … my home's décor is "hunting cabin with a lot of late attic and early basement furniture." I'm sure you will find a way to let her know that you have a plan … maybe she can look at your vision of YOUR yard. I'm proud of my cramped quarters and also looking forward to redoing my kitchen when we sell some of the timber off our land. He asked me the other night if we had enough $$$ from the sale of the timber; if I would rather do the kitchen or the bathroom. I chose the kitchen; then, today at lunch I told him I did not let him tell me what he'd like to do (first). He said, 'the kitchen' … because it is the first thing that is seen when you come into the house. I'll be buying the appliances (I guess) and he will be paying for the rest of it. He came home and said, well -- granite is totally out of the question - he had been painting a client's house and they told him that their counters (less area than we have) was $5000 and that was just for the piece of granite. I told him - there were other things we could do without the counters being granite.

    Welcome to all the newbies. Pip, hope that Kirby is better. Maybe he needs to 'take up walking'. Don't let him wear ear plugs for listening to music - they showed on TV, on an NBC channel this week a reporter sitting on a bike and how he could not 'hear' the traffic going by - other than feeling the draft … this after a biker had been killed by being dragged by the truck from the wind/draft as he went by him. II used to ride a bike when I was younger and living on a paved road … there are a LOT of people who 'think' that bikers ought to be riding on the opposite side of the road with the pedestrians, facing traffic - not having the same rules for them that apply for vehicles. I know we have come real close to coming up behind a biker on a curve- and meeting traffic and not really having anywhere to go. That's scary as Hell, too. Seems like some people will NOT give a biker his share of the road. If it weren't for walkways in Jacksonville, I am pretty sure that my DFnL (R.I.P.) would have killed someone. Same road that Louis rode down when it was only a 2-lane highway, with no shoulder.

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    ryenday wrote: »
    1948Peachy wrote: »
    Machka & Rye ~ I am in awe of your technological knowledge! :)

    Thanks, but lol, all I know is enough to know how much I don’t know. I have served as the user ‘liaison’ or intermediary between the programmers and the end users a time or two, tho, so I’ve seen it in action.

    I am in awe of Machka, her position and education parallel my husband’s in many ways, but he has a several decade head start!

    And for big organizations - complex relational databases SQL, or Oracle based are the bread and butter of data management. But that means the data (accessing or adding new types to it) is out of end users hands. Necessary in big organizations with hundreds of thousands of records! But, IMO this is rarely a good idea in small settings, especially In a volunteer organization without a dedicated IT department.



    I feel like somewhat of a beginner at all of this because, until recently, I've only been dabbling in it since about 1997.

    Yes, big organisations need databases and data administrators, but I expect that in this case it will be a small database behind the website designed to allow members to join and administer their own profiles ... like we do here on MFP. :)

    Currently, I believe all that information (on the site Michelle works on) is in an Excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that's not particularly secure. I don't know, but I would imagine that the plan is to have all that information in a database, and likely to encrypt the passwords.

    The thing is that people have this habit of using the same password for everything, so if a person uses a particular password in a less-than-secure site, and then uses the same password elsewhere ..........

    So I'm guessing that this change might be because of a push for better security.

    However, yes, it would need a person within the club or a website developer organisation to maintain the site. Fortunately, once set up, it shouldn't need too much maintenance.

    Anyway, I also agree with the others that this isn't working for Michelle, and if you're not enjoying something optional and voluntary, it might be time to move on. :)

    I did that with my first cycling club. I joined, I began racing with them and got some coaching, but then they turned their focus to having meetings to discuss the direction of the club. Beautiful summer evenings were spent going over and over what we might do with the club etc. etc. rather than riding. In the end, I quit the club and raced independently the next year ... and then got into randonneuring/audax the following year where I've been every since.

    There are often better options out there. :)

    Machka in Oz

  • Hi new here.Starting at the end of september.Been trying to live keto but not able to stick to it.Retired from running a family childcare home.Moved to a new town and would like to loose 75 lbs.I am 64 and havelost and gained many lbs over the years.After a heart attackand diabetes I really need to do this.
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    Finally managed to squeeze a few minutes into my evening to work on cycling club stuff. Given we've got a weekend of events coming up in a month, I figured I'd better get moving!!

    Machka in Oz

    More work on cycling club stuff. I think I've pretty much caught up with that now ... for the moment.

    And speaking of gardens, ours is complicated with many levels and so many different plants. But it looks the best it has looked since we moved in because that is one thing my husband can do. He's been plugging away at it a little bit at a time.

    Machka in Oz
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    Think I might go back to my comfort zone :) lunch yesterday did not go well. The organiser decided to do a seating plan rather than let us sit where we wanted. There were about twenty of us and I was put near the end of the table with a lady who I knew vaguely, but she realised she was sat opposite someone she didn't like so moved to the other end. This left me sat near ladies who I had never met before :o I am not an outgoing person so found this really difficult and at one point I thought I might just go home before the meal. But I took a deep breath and a few sips of cider and hung on in there.

    Lisa/NY Karen good advice to walk away from toxic conversations, seems there's a bit of discord in the Ladies Who group but as a newcomer I felt I couldn't comment too much so tried to steer clear. Something to do with the fact that she wants more money etc and too controlling and they should be able to sit where they want etc (we saw a few of them on the way to the restaurant)

    Rebecca oh dear Bats in the fireplace! Hope the tape keeps them out.

    Heather We've had some glorious weather here too. In fact yesterday was more like a summer day, so I decided to cut the hedge (a job my dear beloved used to do) the hedge trimmers are quite heavy and there was a large thorny bushy thing near the post to next doors wall which was very difficult to cut through and I ended up cutting through the electric wire aaghh!!! I was so cross with myself. Now I need to get some new trimmers, I know there is a way you can join the wires and put tape around, but I have no idea how to do it and electricity scares me a bit.
    Now if No 1 Son had finished the job a few weeks ago this would not have happened so I'm cross with him too. (he started cutting the hedge but had to stop because it started to rain- but had plenty of other days to finish it)

    Michele hang on in there if you need/have/want to wait until April before you leave - don't let them get you down.

    Barbara Leah is a little sweetie, I'll try to post a picture of her. Do you still have your dogs?


    Better get moving, going food shopping with mum this morning, she'll be wondering where I am.

    Have a good Friday
    Viv York UK

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    I don't know if you've heard, but Australia is having a bit of an issue with finding pins in fruit. I've read that it may have been a disgruntled worker at first, putting pins in strawberries, but then, of course, there were a bunch of copycats, and pins have been found in strawberries, apples, and bananas, and maybe more.

    Apparently they've found another one in an apple today near here.

    I haven't eaten much fruit recently, but at work today, we were talking about whether or not we could get small hand-held metal detectors ... just in case ... so we could return to eating fruit!!

    Actually, when we do eat fruit, we cut it up.

    But it's sad.

    Machka in Oz
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    Kim It sounds like you've worked out what you want for your garden, first, and can deal with not being a part of the tour, second. Have I got that right? Your wonderful beautiful garden is yours, not to be compared, but celebrated yes? You are an incomparable gardener. <3

    Happy Friday, TGIF, a rainy day is a happy day.

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    Reading all your trials and tribulations with groups, clubs, organisations, reminds me of why I never get involved with anything like that. I am allergic to groups. And I hate people trying to interfere. I am happy with my lone wolf status. :D
    Luckily my DH is very similar in that, except he is more tactful than me.
    I know that without him I would have to make more of an effort. Perhaps a dance class or something like that to get me out of the house. I love my yoga class. But the teacher suits me very well.
    One thing the INTJ -A/-T category did for me was allow me to be happier with my idiosyncrasies. :laugh:

    Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    edited September 2018
    Morning, all,

    My day off, but going to finish a few more things up for my work trip that starts Sunday, and then head out to the mountain house once it's daylight. We've got a reasonable plan for getting us out of the rent house by mid-month, and if it looks like we're going to hit the self-imposed deadline, I'll call the rental agency toward the end of next week and let them know they can start showing it around the 15th.

    Also got our finances in good shape so we can get out of this period with minimal debt - even if it's zero-interest, and it is for the next 18 months, it's still debt, and both of us are uncomfortable with it. But, fingers crossed, come mid-month, I'll be living and working at the mountain house during the day rather than in the rental house all day and commuting up to the mountain house on the weekends to get things done. So much easier to fix things when you can take a break and get a small job done, rather than having to wait and do it all at once on the weekend.

    Kim - I've always found it hard to work with folks who have that "entitlement" thing going on--and you're a better person than I am if you can get through this without hurting her feelings. Wish I had advice for you, but bad advice is worth even less than usual! :smiley:

    - It does sound as if the Newcomers is a stressor, rather than a source of joy, and six months is WAY too long to be stressed like that. But I also understand fulfilling commitments is important to you, as it is to me. Follow your instincts; they're good ones, and do what you must to take care of yourself and Vince. Perhaps there's some compromise available?

    Heather - I'm right there with you. I don't DO clubs, although I've been known to participate in organizations that are there to effect change, like the Chamber of Commerce and leadership groups. I also helped start and/or belonged to writer's workshops in more than one place I've lived. However, groups in general just aren't in my comfort zone. Seriously contemplating looking into what it entails to be part of the city council in our new small town, though, and might, after I go to a few meetings. Will have to wait until we move completely.

    And there's a lot to do between now and then, so I better get on it!

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    well got up early and showered and went to get new blood work done.BUT I have to go to a specialized place to have it done which is in Hartford....so will try and make an appointment to go up there ugh...yucky rainy here...working 9:30-5 today...
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    Good morning ladies! Happy Friday! Woo-hoo! Last day of another twelve day work stretch! I don't have Trentin this weekend, but most of my grant stuff arrived yesterday, so I will be unpacking all of it and getting things set up and organized! I gave my son the option of mowing the lawn or putting my storage benches together and he chose the storage benches; which is fine with me because mowing the lawn is a decent calorie burner and putting the benches together would have taken me probably just as long as mowing. I woke up this morning to the sounds of a marching band. lol The local news station does a segment called Sunrise Sidelines and they travel to different high schools in West Michigan for what is basically a very early morning pep rally. Yep, my home is 2 1/2 miles from the high school, but I could hear those drums this morning. It was on the news and it looked like the kids were having a ball. Brings back great memories of high school football games, not only with my own kids, but as a high school girl myself and living for those Friday night games and after parties.
    Aaaaaand...I just wasted a bunch of time rambling on about the sexual abuse allegations. Erased it all. I think I will journal it instead. You're welcome! lol
    Janet- Mia and Layla are adorable! <3
    Barbie- So happy you were able to do some dancing! I hope 45 minutes wasn't too long and you aren't feeling any major side effects from kicking up your heels. Your fur babies are adorable! Looks like kitty was no interested in getting his picture taken.
    Heather- Sounds like you are back in the "zone". Which is a good place to be while you wait for word about the house chain. Run your worries away, girl!

    ...Another distraction. Laundry. I am out of time this morning! love, hugs and good vibes being sent to all of you! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Finally got our new carpet in the basement. Love it! Now it is putting it back together. The room is 23 feet by 13 feet. Feels like a move. Tired today!

    :heart: Margaret
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    There was more walking and running in August ... hoping for a bit more cycling in September!!

    Sep-15 … 306.7 km (190.6 miles) = 35 hour 2 min
    Sep-16 … 371.3 km (230.7 miles) = 32 hours 20 min
    Sep-17 … 455.5 km (283 miles) = 41 hours 25 min

    Saturday, 1 September 2018 ... 21 km cycling inside with Zwift
    Sunday, 2 September 2018 ... 2 km running + 12 km cycling outside!!
    Monday, 3 September 2018 ... 1.4 km walking + 14 flights of 20 stairs
    Tuesday, 4 September 2018 ... 1.9 km walking + 5.3 km running + 4 flights of 20 stairs
    Wednesday, 5 September 2018 ... 1.8 km walking + 10.18 km cycling inside with Zwift + 10 flights of 20 stairs
    Thursday, 6 September 2018 ... 7 km walking + 8 flights of 20 stairs
    Friday, 7 September 2018 ... 2 km walking + 1.1 km running + 8 km cycling outside!!

    Saturday, 8 September 2018 ... 1.5 km walking + 15.12 km cycling outside
    Sunday, 9 September 2018 ... 1.5 km walking + 10.63 km cycling outside
    Monday, 10 September 2018 ... 3.7 km walking
    Tuesday, 11 September 2018 ... 1.8 km walking + 6 km running + 4 flights of 20 stairs
    Wednesday, 12 September 2018 ... 4.5 km walking + 6 flights of 20 stairs
    Thursday, 13 September 2018 ... 1.8 km walking + 10 flights of 20 stairs
    Friday, 14 September 2018 ... 1.8 km walking + 4 flights of 20 stairs

    Saturday, 15 September 2018 ... 21 km cycling inside with Zwift
    Sunday, 16 September 2018 ... 0.70 km walk + 3 km run
    Monday, 17 September 2018 ... 3.7 km walk
    Tuesday, 18 September 2018 ... 1.9 km walk + 5.2 km run + 4 flights of 20 stairs
    Wednesday, 19 September 2018 ... 3.9 km walk + 8 flights of 20 stairs
    Thursday, 20 September 2018 ... 3.2 km walk + 3 km run + 6 flights of 20 stairs
    Friday, 21 September 2018 ... 2 km walk + 4 flights of 20 stairs

    Saturday, 22 September 2018 ... 0.0
    Sunday, 23 September 2018 ... 0.5 km walk + 5.2 km run **This was an event! The local fun run!**
    Monday, 24 September 2018 ... 3.7 km walk
    Tuesday, 25 September 2018 ... 1.3 km walk + 6 flights of 20 stairs
    Wednesday, 26 September 2018 ... 3.6 km walk + 6 flights of 20 stairs
    Thursday, 27 September 2018 ... 1.8 km walk + 4 flights of 20 stairs
    Friday, 28 September 2018 ... 1.4 km walk + 6 flights of 20 stairs

    2018 Monthly September
    Walking Distance (km): 88.1
    Walking Time (min): 912.0
    Cycling Distance (km): 123.4
    Cycling Time (min): 356.5
    Stairs Climbed Number: 104.0
    Stairs Climbed Time (min): 83.2

    Total Distance (km): 211.5
    Total Distance (miles): 131.4
    Total Time (min): 1351.7
    Total Time (hr): 22:31:41