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    Great job - please can I ask how tall you are?
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    @Claucescu as I said earlier I recently as of only the last 1.5-2 months have been exercising as far as power walking every morning anywhere from 1-3 miles so far is like to get it to a jog/run but don’t know if my joints could handle that. My weight loss journey was absolute having to say no and do with out all the time can be so challenging at times but I would say the struggle and end result really makes you appreciate the hard work. My current goal isn’t necessarily a weight goal as far as pounds but more of a body fat percentage, I want to be and stay under %15 for a lot more muscle definition would be my goal. Thanks again everyone for the kind words it really makes me feel great as I really don’t have anyone to share with for unbiased opinions.

    Thank you so much, this is very inspiring! You look really good now, no worries about your dating/social life!

    I do want to lose just a bit of weight as I don't need more than 5 kg (11 pounds) but I find them to be the hardest, I keep doing the "right" things for few days then ruin it in one day or a weekend or a city-break or something...

    And I do need to exercise more, walking sounds so good! Only to find motivation.
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    Great transformation.well done
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    @jamesha100 I’m 5ft 11in
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    Well done fella 😎 no reason to be ashamed to take your shirt off!!

    By the way you look under 15% body fat to me. A lot of guys only show the upper abs around the 15% mark but you have a full 6 pack.

    Outstanding what you have achieved without lifting. If your joints could handle light weights it might be an option.

    Now go get the ladies 💪👍
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    Phenomenal transformation! Congratulations!!

    I never would have guessed that you only do walking and light exercise! I agree that you have no reason to worry about taking your shirt off. :smile:
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    Amazing transformation, great result, congratulations
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    I'll be going everywhere I could without a shirt on if I looked like that. I've got a ways to go but hopefully can pull it off with very minimal loose skin like you did. Overall I'll be looking at about 100# lost as well.

    Again, be proud of what you've accomplished. I'm not done yet but I'm already thrilled with my progress, especially when co workers take note 👍
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    good job man ive lost 120 lbs since last november but ive been struggling this month
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    good job man ive lost 120 lbs since last november but ive been struggling this month

    Why? 120 pounds is amazing! Have you had a little diet break lately? Hugs
  • Holy *kitten*.....what a remarkable difference!! Go you! Great job!
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    barberz83 wrote: »
    2 years Keto and light exercise from 270lb - 162lb ammswmig3f88.jpeg

    Wow!! That’s awesome!
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    Amazing job! I’d date you for sure😉
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    Iv been training sins June this yeah and have lost over 2 stone. Just eating healthy and lifting weights. Any good advice to continue?
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    You look amazing!! Great job!! You should be very proud of your progress.
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    Amazing job 💪🏻
  • Great job!
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    wow! you look amazing.. great job!
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    Your story is super inspiring, specially for us doing keto. Congrats and keep on the great work! 💪🏼
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    Yeah I think if your body is the issue for any dates move to the next prospect ASAP! You’ve gotten great results with just your basic routine. Some ppl are just genetically meant to get abs I guess. What is it with your joints you’re struggling with? Best of luck to you on your current goal!