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    Karen love it! Still laughing.
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    Barbara, wow such colorful crocs! Amazing... :-) I've never worn heels.....but I'm imagining M in Oz running in 5" heels. Gads...

    Everyone have a wonderful day.

    Betsy NW WA
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    MachkaYes! I buy multiple pairs of shoes that don’t blister my feet because it is just so hard to find them!

    All my shoes look like this:

    I must be able to slide into them and have nothing firm touching the back of the ankle. To avoid blisters on the top of my feet shoes must be worn with socks Except sandal slides with stretchy fabric uppers. If the croc Carol posted is a fabric upper, I might possibly be able to wear that without blisters. I’m going to go check!

    Running shoes etc. Boring, but I wrote it up so you can click into spoiler if you are interested in my shoe woes- lol
    Unfortunately these are just out of the question. I can’t wear shoes that push against the back of my ankle (the section in the circle). They rub and push there and cause blistering within a short period of time. Back when I had to dress professionally I would buy my shoes a size or two extra long and pad the bottom back area so that nothing touched my back ankle there or use a razor blade and cut off the back of shoes for casual wear.

    I have seen two podiatrists in my life and both shrugged their shoulders took my money and gave me no help or even advice. (Another reason in a long list of why I hate Dr’s.)

    Barbie’s shoes would kill me!

    The first place my socks wear out is not on the bottom, but at the back there where they touch my ankle.

    Busy Busy Busy here bit sending out good thoughts!


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    Terry~ great to see you again..... so sorry to hear of all the struggles...ran alot of errands today and fed my DFIL .stopped to pay for catering for friday. put some outdoor stuff away in my storage unit
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    Heather: I am happy that you had such a lovely birthday. We have tried to make Scotch Eggs with no success. Will you share your recipe? Keeping my fingers crossed for the real estate deal to go through. :flowerforyou:

    Carol: Your orthopedic doctor doesn’t sound very helpful. I’m hope your internist is more proactive. :star:

    Barbie: That is an impressive pile of tree branches. I’m glad your home is okay. Regarding shoes, those that fit well make life much better. :heart:

    Dr. Katie: You did an impressive job in your laundry room. WTG!!! :bigsmile:

    Michele: I hope that things are reasonably reasonable until you are able to get out of the crossfire in the Newcomers group. :grumble:

    Machka: I also have narrow feet. As a kid, I usually had terrible blisters on my heels. The need for narrow fitting shoes hasn’t changed over the years, but I have found ways to stay comfortable most of the time. Finding new shoes that fit is a huge challenge and a trill when I succeed. :ohwell:

    Janetr: I’m opposed to your daughter hurting your feelings. Tell her I said so. :grumble:

    It is time to take the dog to the groomer. Have a great day, everyone!

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Rita: Thanks for sharing your photography!
  • Barbara - I think the last 10lbs must be the hardest to lose. I weighed myself at GNC and that showed I weighed 153; then I got weighed at my Orthopedist's office at 151. I don't feel like I have lost 10lbs since I was going to my MD's office to weigh (but have another appointment with her in early November.

    Last evening Louis and I met with my 'sleep apnea' MD and I have been keeping up with my 'sleep patterns' since 6/26 - 10/1. It's been since mid-November of last year since I have been able to drive; and, he again 'extended' my 'driving restriction' until he can get with my Neurologist to discuss if 'he' thinks I should go through a study that would show if I also have Narcolepsy, or not. Then, if he 'thinks' it could be a possibility they can put me through a different type of 'sleep study' that would show them if that is the problem. What I would do is come 'sleep' through the night without my C-pap and then sit across the table with someone watching me the next day and keeping up when I nod off or go down for the count and end up sleeping sitting up. That will probably have to be done at Phoebe N/W. So, almost a full year without driving - this time has been the worst for me. Even worse than the back-to-back DR with only 2 or 3 months in between. This has been continuous for nearly a full year. I understand the necessity of the 'driving restriction' but it still doesn't make me 'happy' about my family having to be "Driving Miss Daisy" because it is inconvenient for them. I burst into tears when he said, 'Nah, Sweetie, it is the best thing for you at this time - no driving'. Seems like at the age of 67 - my driving is going to be taken away from me. But, the 'sleep apnea' MD said only my Neurologist could make that final decision - he'll have to be convinced that I am seizure free first; there are medications to take if I am diagnosed with Narcolepsy; but, that would 'scare' me more than the thought of having a 'break-thru' seizure.

    So, if I ramble or write long posts; it's because I am terribly lonely when I am not up and doing something. I think my 'nagging' Louis is going to start up with a vengeance. I want him to do things (such as getting my kitchen cabinets painted, finish my porch so I can enjoy it in the morning especially. Helping me empty the studio, put down some sort of flooring that isn't pieces of filthy carpet. Getting all my paint stuff together so I can 'enjoy' painting and drawing again.

    Well, so much for my 'mood' of the day!

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    Yesterday's appointment went well with husband. Pretty much a meet and greet again with the transplant team in Washington university hospital, and told results of the testing they did last week. His numbers are good. His new(2014) liver is getting a bit fatty, but its nothing he's doing. He's eating well, and exercising. They were supposed to do a liver biopsy test yesterday, a non evasive one, but their machine wasn't working. The doctor just said, we could do it next checkup, so we want yearly appointment to be August, so next August.👍.
    On the way home we went to a Mexican restaurant in Mount Vernon. Its been there since 1967 so that's a good sign. I had a chimachanga. I took some home and had for dinner!
    I'm on this 14 day cleanse thing, because I have been feeling bound up a bit. (Mexican food probably wasn't the best). I hadn't taken the herbal pills in the morning, because of the drive to Seattle. In a car when cleanse pills hit is something out of a horror movie! Could see me yelling at my husband on the freeway, oh pleeeease take this exit!!!
    Back on the cleanse today. Making some bean soup and cabbage, which will just clean me out! To be honest I haven't been eating THAT much crap, but when you eat clean, you definitely notice when you don't.
    Thanks ladies for your comments concerning my decision not to attend Nov. gathering. The icing on the cake was after I posted my decline in the group messenger site I added, "cousin, you should hit up Cindy (my sister) for a driving companion". Then I get a private message from my sister telling me to not try to set plans up. I knew she told me she didn't want to room with anyone at a hotel. I just didn't think it covered transportation too! She is the sister that drinks. I'm thinking she needs her space so she can do that freely. So I am kinda relieved I don't have to be in all that. Sometimes my thoughts tumble out of my mouth before I have a chance to review them.
    Gym today!
    Layers ladies, hugs!💗
    Rebecca 💗
    Whidbey island
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    Heather to go with your new gloves and your beautiful scarf. :)

    Janetr OKC
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    Did my run. Listened to Winterreise and Simple Gifts. :D:D
    DH did a big shop. <3
    Cooked a big ragu in the IP to have with butternut squash and lots to freeze.
    Both of us had trouble sleeping last night. I read from 3.30 - 5.00. My own fault as it was definitely alcohol related. DH just couldn't get to sleep, so we parted company. I'm reading a book about happiness by a neurologist and the bit I was reading was about the importance we attach to 'home'. Tell me about it! With us it's more the not knowing where home will be. I am a very visual person and I keep having to stop myself visualising any scenario. My future life stops about a week away.

    But life goes on and we are both fine. Frustrated but fine. Even happy. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Katla. Thank you, made me laugh. I actually think her attitude towards me was directed at the wrong person. She's going through a rough time right now. I just have to let it go :)

    Janetr OKC
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    :)Rebecca congrats to you on declining the invitation to the event you didn't feel comfortable going to. One of the best things I did for myself was to learn a few phrases to you use when I said "No" to something I didn't want to do. I learned that I don't have to explain, just be kind and polite.

    :)Lisa from middle TN, I am most impressed by the fact that you didn't let disability or not driving being your excuse for not exercising. You have found an awesome way to be active withing the limitations of your life. Keep coming back. We need your inspirational attitude.

    :) More about shoes. When I find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, I keep the tag from the box with the model and size so I can look for them online. I have done that with several pairs of shoes. Also, buying more than one pair, in case the company stops making them. Comfort is very important to me, especially since I walk so much.

    :) The maintenance guys from our park came and started removing the branches from our yard. We don't know yet if the owner of the park will agree to pay the cost of repair to the fence. We have homeowners insurance, but the branches came from a tree that belongs to the park.

    :) Jake has gone to a doctor's appointment and blood tests so I have the house to myself to watch DWTS without having to wear the headphones. I still can't ride the exercise bike while watching TV---maybe next week.

    <3 Barbie from sunny NW Washington
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    Janetr - what a lovely thought, but I could never wear heels that high! :laugh:

    Anyone who is interested might like to see my DDIL's latest article for the local paper in Hove, where we hope to move to.


    We will, be babysitting next week for the three gorgeous grandchildren in the photo. <3

    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Only run in monkey feet aka vibrant 5 finger shoes. Haven’t run in tennis shoes in years