Before and After Photos - Throw 'em up!



  • musicforhearts
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    Bex953172 wrote: »

    Start: 182lbs
    Current: 145lbs

    Only 10 more pounds to go! :smiley:

    Can I ask what height you are?
    You've done a great job by the way!

    Thank you! I'm 5'5 :)
  • Sunflowerinbloom
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    3 kids in 4 years and I literally stopped recognizing myself.... down -65 lbs and feeling healthier and more fit than I ever have!! Running my 4th half marathon this weekend 🎉 🤗

    suzjab wrote: »

    From September of 2017 to TODAY. DOWN 126 LBS. Clean eating and working my *kitten* off in the gym.

    Looking for committed friends who are serious about fitness, by the way. Oh, and please be fun. ;)

    My 2 fav ppl <3

    How did u get a flat stomach I need to lose 140 lbs and afraid to have loose skin?
  • Birdie8185
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    Great work everyone!
    In the first pic I’m near my highest of 183.
    Second is today at 130.

    You look amazing!