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Salad Dressing...what do you use??

CrissiNicoleCrissiNicole Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
What’s your fav salad dressing to use???


  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Member, Premium Posts: 2,231 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,231 Member
    Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed in equal parts, generally one tablespoon each if I’m having a “monster” salad.
  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Member Posts: 6,545 Member Member Posts: 6,545 Member
    When lazy, Kraft zesty Italian. When not lazy, good quality olive oil plus something sour/tart, often citrus juice or vinegar, with spices if I'm feeling fancy. One of my favorite tricks used to be adding a spoonful of jam or jelly to dressing, but I don't often want that much sugar since becoming diabetic. Avocado, buttermilk, or Greek yogurt are good bases if you like creamy dressings.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 7,583 Member Member Posts: 7,583 Member
    Make my own. Vinaigrette (but you can cut the amount of olive oil easily) when calories aren't an issue, mustard (spicy mustards are the best) with red wine vinegar is a super low cal option (sometimes I add garlic too).

    For an Asian-style salad a low cal option is soy sauce, sriracha, lime juice, and a little fish sauce.
  • pdxwinepdxwine Member Posts: 389 Member Member Posts: 389 Member
    I just use balsamic vinegar.
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Member Posts: 9,153 Member Member Posts: 9,153 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    I make my own, different every time, a serving at a time. Having a whole bottle all the same flavor that I have to use up doesn't make me happy; I like being able to follow my whim when I make the salad.

    The base is usually either vinegar or plain yogurt, but it can be citrus. To the base, I add different things: For any of those, it could be finely minced fresh garlic, any combination of herbs, or spices. To vinegar, sometimes I add prepared mustard or finely grated ginger root. To the yogurt, sometimes bleu cheese or grated parmesan. Usually I don't do vinegar and oil, because I normally prefer to add some seeds or nuts to the salad instead of oil, though once in a while I do use some toasted sesame oil with rice wine or ume plum vinegar, or olive oil with other vinegars. Tahini is another option to mix with vinegar, or thin and season to use as a dressing on its own.

    (I love vinegar and usually have several in the pantry, not mostly flavored ones, but different types: Apple cider, red wine, white wine, regular and white balsamic, coconut, malt, rice wine, champagne, sherry, etc. The ume plum is flavored, and I have a pear-infused that I like sometimes. I use the vinegars in sauces for main dishes and on cooked veggies, too.)

    Once in a while, I dress a salad with salsa/pico de gallo.

    This is roughly my approach, although I often include olive oil, and I might use buttermilk or kefir for a base if I happen to have either on hand, although it's not that different from thinned yogurt. If the salad has avocado and/or citrus fruit, I'll often use prepared mustard and honey.
  • LolinloggenLolinloggen Member Posts: 455 Member Member Posts: 455 Member
    I tend to use none as I love the taste of the salad ingredients and find most dressings take way from that
    If I use a little it is the juice from my sweet and sour gherkins or some lemon or orange zest
  • bisonpitcherbisonpitcher Member Posts: 518 Member Member Posts: 518 Member
    Kraft Fat Free French. I love French dressing, but most are 200 ish calories for 1 serving. This one is 45 calories per serving and it tastes really good. I take a bottle with me when I go to restaurants where I plan to eat a pre dinner salad.
  • TavistockToadTavistockToad Member Posts: 35,747 Member Member Posts: 35,747 Member
    Usually hummus, salad cream, mayo or cream cheese.
  • lmeenach3lmeenach3 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Bolthouse farms ranch. Or make ranch with light buttermilk. Skim milk. And hidden valley buttermilk ranch packet. Also like the simply dressing light balsamic
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Member Posts: 6,821 Member Member Posts: 6,821 Member
    Walden farms 0 calorie honey dijon or fat free balsamic (10-15 cal depending on brand), I then add hot sauce, mustard, truvia and a plethora of spices to my salads to create my own "dressing/topping".
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  • missysippy930missysippy930 Member Posts: 2,497 Member Member Posts: 2,497 Member
    I always have a basic balsamic vinaigrette recipe made and in the refrigerator in 1/2 pint jar (great for mixing, storing, and serving). 2:1 ratio oil to vinegar. Mix up types of oil and vinegar for different tastes. Minced shallot, minced garlic (I use garlic powder as I don’t care for pieces of garlic) 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, to taste. Sometimes I just use a flavor infused vinegar on my salad. It’s surprisingly good and saves a lot of calories.
    Balsamic vinaigrette is also great for marinating boneless skinless chicken breasts.
  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Member Posts: 1,115 Member Member Posts: 1,115 Member
    I make my own, lots of different flavours on the spicy side: Hungarian with smoked paprika, curry, chili pesto, green mango atchar, herbs and fresh garlic, marinated lemon.
  • skelterhelterskelterhelter Member Posts: 779 Member Member Posts: 779 Member
    Another praise for Bolthouse Ranch. You can have two tablespoons for 45 calories. I use it on sandwiches too and cut it down to one tablespoon. This stuff is just as good as restaurant style ranch.

    If I'm craving tangy I just splash a little red wine vinegar on top. No oil.
  • pinuplovepinuplove Member Posts: 12,903 Member Member Posts: 12,903 Member
    I like this one:


    Caesar is my dressing of choice, and it's a pain to make at home and not worth the effort. I rarely need more than 15g, even for a huge salad.
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  • apullumapullum Member Posts: 4,888 Member Member Posts: 4,888 Member
    pdxwine wrote: »
    I just use balsamic vinegar.

    This is what I do. I buy high quality balsamic vinegar and just use that. No oil needed for me.
  • Safari_GalSafari_Gal Member Posts: 888 Member Member Posts: 888 Member
    Just extra virgin olive oil and some herbs and maybe a lil sea salt.
  • Wingsont84Wingsont84 Member Posts: 335 Member Member Posts: 335 Member
    Balsamic vinegar base salad dressing is wicked
  • whatalazyidiotwhatalazyidiot Member Posts: 343 Member Member Posts: 343 Member
    Another praise for Bolthouse Ranch. You can have two tablespoons for 45 calories. I use it on sandwiches too and cut it down to one tablespoon. This stuff is just as good as restaurant style ranch.

    If I'm craving tangy I just splash a little red wine vinegar on top. No oil.

    Yes, this! The Bolthouse yogurt ranch is insanely good. I was surprised. As opposed to fat free ranch, which I find disgusting and would rather dry salad.
  • kami3006kami3006 Member, Greeter Posts: 4,976 Member Member, Greeter Posts: 4,976 Member
    I like the Kraft fat free thousand island, french, and catalina. Not because of the lower fat but because of the lower calories.

    Don't care for ranch or oil/vinegar dressings.
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