Maintainers Weekly Check-In - January 2019



  • erjones11
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    Hi Kirby- I understand about not eating enough. I worked so hard to lose. I don’t want to lose more but I sure don’t want to gain either.

    I also tend to try to save plenty of calories to snack at night, then work out and get some more and can’t snack that much. I am forcing the issue now at eating more but here I am 7:30 pm and with the after dinner biking I just did for 50 minutes burning at least 200 calories I still have 800 left to eat. Just to used to running at a deficit.

    I’ll get there though. Wishing you all the best on your journey.
    Kirby236 wrote: »
    Hi y'all! New to posting, wow, this maintenance thing has been so much harder than losing...

    Name: Kirby
    Age: 42
    Height: 5'8"
    Total weight lost: 33lb
    Time it took to lose: 6 months
    How long in maintenance: 2 months
    Maintenance weight range: 135-140lb

    Week of...
    January 6: 133
    January 13: 130
    January 20:
    January 27:

    Success(es)/struggle(s) of the week:
    Stress has made it a struggle to eat enough to maintain. Especially since hiking and the gym are my main stress relief! I'm happy with the weight I lost, but don't want to go any lower.

  • Faebert
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    mph323 wrote: »
    Name: Marti
    Age: 68
    Height: 5'3"
    Total Weight lost: ~50 lbs.
    Time it took to lose: 22 months
    How long in maintenance: 10 months
    Maintenance weight range: 103.5 - 107.5
    Average weight recorded from 2017 (12months):118.5
    Average weight recorded from 2018 (12 months): 105.2

    Week of...
    January 6: 107.4
    January 13: 105.7
    January 20:
    January 27:

    Success/Struggles: I'm going up and down on my daily weigh-ins more than I'm used to, but I'm back to the middle of my maintenance range this week. My husband's going in for minor surgery tomorrow, and I think it's water retention from stress. We've also been watching "The Great British Baking Show" together in the evenings, and that's not making it easy to avoid evening snacking :)

    Wishing everyone a successful week!

    @mph323 - the bolded made me laugh out loud. I’m in the UK and a big fan of the Great British Bake-Off. I have to time when I watch it so I’m not tempted! Glad the series (and now the Xmas specials) are over!