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Daily weigh-ins? Yes! What are your thoughts?

Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 1,982Member Member Posts: 1,982Member Member
I am all for daily weigh-ins! For me, it holds me accountable on a daily basis. Others I have heard it discourages them; however, it doesn’t for me. I like to know wher I am at everyday, especially when I am trying to lose weight and achieve my goal!

I know others disagree, what do you think? Do you prefer daily or weekly weigh-ins?


  • Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 1,982Member Member Posts: 1,982Member Member
    Awesome! I am going to check out that app!
  • Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 1,982Member Member Posts: 1,982Member Member
    I downloaded Happy Scale, cool app!
  • BaVIP073BaVIP073 Posts: 22Member Member Posts: 22Member Member
    I weigh daily first thing in the morning. I also use Happy Scale to track trends.
  • RAinWARAinWA Posts: 1,601Member Member Posts: 1,601Member Member
    I weigh daily to keep myself on track especially when maintaining. I hate putting higher numbers into my trending app so I try to keep my weight range where I want it so I don't have to. It's a game I play with myself, but it works for me.
  • walktalkdogwalktalkdog Posts: 85Member Member Posts: 85Member Member
    I weigh daily; it helps keep me accountable, and drives my food choices for that day. I use the Libra app.
  • Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 1,982Member Member Posts: 1,982Member Member
    Hi am going to check out the a Libra app as well. For me as well it doesn’t bother my emotion of weighing myself everyday. I like to keep track!
  • Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 1,982Member Member Posts: 1,982Member Member
    Ahh you need to buy the scale for the Libra app. 👍
  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Posts: 785Member Member Posts: 785Member Member
    I weigh first thing every morning after using the bathroom. I then log the weight into the Libra app. I don't worry much about fluctuations and just pay attention to the trend.

    Weighing daily helps me adhere to my calorie deficit.
  • Safari_GalSafari_Gal Posts: 888Member Member Posts: 888Member Member
    I weigh daily.
  • CahgetsfitCahgetsfit Posts: 1,898Member Member Posts: 1,898Member Member
    The good thing I also found with Happy Scale was that I could also see when it was that I had spikes in bloating and stuff due to period - i run iPeriod also and put in stuff like moods etc. The two combined made me learn a lot about my cycle.

    I did it for a few months - weigh every day and iPeriod updates and discovered things like I have a ravenous beast hungry day about 7 days before my period, I get this woosh of weight loss the day before I get bloated just before my period - seriously - like i'll drop a kilo bam from the day before and then the day after it will be like 2 kilos up. And sometimes when that special day pops up on my official weigh in day (Friday) it makes it seem like i had this wonderful week and lost so much when in reality it's some weird thing my body does every month.

    I'm not doing it at the moment but it was a very interesting data gathering exercise to do that for about 4 months I think I did it.
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