Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • 3M_TA3
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    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I want more friends,
    could it be you?
  • BlondeButtercup127
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    **Raises hand from back of room**
    Love friends!
    Daily logger, open diary to friends. Essentially I'm following Keto under supervision of my doctor for PCOS and overall health, but to the keto police I'm not as strict as they think I should be, but I'm newish and still learning, and it's working for me! I've been following this way of eating since November 12th of 2018 and currently down 31.8 pounds. I'm 5'9 and have roughly 75 pounds left to lose to hit my first GW, at which point my doctor and I will revisit and see where I should be.

    Add me!! <3
  • electricpuzzle
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    I would love some new friends! I log food every day, but not workouts at the moment.
  • Killingit75
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    Looking for more active friends that are also looking for support and encouragement.
  • DHClimb
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    Training for Tough Mudder and could really use the motivation. Open diary etc.

    Add me up, friends!
  • MelGaL76
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    I’d love to get some motivation from people with the same goals I’m trying to achieve!
    Started using this app again after a year of bad behavior (lol) and need a boost of positivity:)
    I’ve been going pretty hard for the past three weeks and haven’t lost a pound! I know muscle weighs more than fat but I’d love to see the number on the scale drop.
    Have an amazing day!
  • Jamie2663
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    I am not a new member but a new restart :) Can always use the motivation to keep going. It is so hard to change habits and not go back to the old ones. This time I feel more ready to make that change and have lost about 30lbs since the end of November. I am excited to make it to my goal this time around. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • Feel free to add me!;)
  • Sasha24201
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    I'm up for making new friends! 😊
  • Lift_Run_Eat
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    Always in for more active friends.
  • Anniefae96
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    Hey! I'm back after giving up for a while and I'd love some friends. Anyone can add me! I want to lose about 70-80lbs so I could use some mutual support.
  • johnw83
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    yes please
  • shanstilts
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    Getting back in the swing of this and would love new friends :)
  • avlama
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    Hi MFP! Starting this whole process again. I was successful once, but eventually I fell back to bad habits, so here I am again. I work night shift so I'm here for you if you're a night owl. I also just join a fitness camp to help me keep focused. Don't be shy and send me a friend request!
  • AObravo123
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    Happy days
  • Emily3119
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    Feel free to add me too! Just getting back into the swing of things again 😊
  • vanessaespo182
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    Hi! I've been so horrible at keeping up my profile on here but I am SO dedicated this round. Feel free to add me, looking for fellow pals to keep me motivated and vice versa!
  • isabelchase1
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    Anyone is welcome to add me! Would love to make some friends!
  • lrdfit
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    Feel free to add me! Would love some motivation and can hopefully motivate others 😊
  • Lottieehlers
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    Anyone here