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    Layers! And for me I would have a shawl/scarf. That way I could wrap around head, neck or just shoulders depending on conditions.
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    Sharon gentle ((hugs))
    Tracey your Victoria "flowers and gardens" comment reminded me... one of the (many) joys of living here is that there is something blooming year 'round. Even in December and January there are shrubs dotted wtih tiny pink or white flowers. Last week the Japanese plums at the post office blossomed and the tulip trees have huge flowerbuds. So different from the dreary winters in Idaho ... ;)
    Viv enjoy London and your little break.
    pip the rain is here too now, washing away the last of the snow and ice. Fine with me.
    b4leaving in Ontario, would let us know what you'd like us to call you? Have you added this thread to your favorites?
    Rebecca stay safe and warm!
    Lisa thanks for the "Stick in your memory" explanation, didn't get it, no mailing poop for us, only the real deal.
    Machka snow in summer then 21C? :noway:

    Welcome Melissat1222

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    walk one more step 9/28, 60 g protein 9/28, rx/vits 9/28, meditate 9/28, knee exercises 9/28, SWSY 2/8, play with Tumble 8/28, hang up or purge art 0/4 AF 5/28.
    Word for 2019: "GOOD" good attitude, good food, good times, good choices, good enough, feel good, GOOD!
    02/10 LT: Open the Wahoo box and setup the software-Y MT: woodland mgt notebook-, ST: T'ai Chi voice memo email to Roy-Y
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    :) We had about two inches of snow overnight and more is forecast for this afternoon. I'll try to spend as much time outside this morning either alone or with the dogs so it won't be so bad having to stay indoors later.

    :)Viv, I don't eat fancy food and I don't cook much but I eat five carefully planned healthy meals each day and nothing in between. I eat when I get up after walking the dogs (about 5:30 AM), the same thing every day, again about 9:00 after walking the dogs for about 90 minutes, lunch at 11:30 is the main meal of the day with protein and vegetables and is usually different every day, supper at 4:00 is lighter than lunch, bedtime meal is usually oatmeal with canned peaches about 6:30 PM and I go to bed at 7:30. Having a structure helps me away from the food I don't want to eat.

    <3 Barbie in beautiful snowy NW WA
  • SophieRosieMomSophieRosieMom Posts: 1,756Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,756Member, Premium Member
    Pip and Kirby - good luck with your rides today.

    Snow/blizzard was beautiful late yesterday afternoon.. snow blowing, trees swaying in the wind. I'm guessing we got a new 4" on top the old stuff. A perfect winter storm. Today comes the worst part of winter. Warming a bit, rain and SLUSH. :s

    Yesterday afternoon my new laptop battery decided to give up the ghost. Got a full 5 weeks out of it. Emails to Amazon, the distributor, you name it. I posted a review of it on Amazon and surprise, it hasn't shown up. Leave it to Amazon to filter the results. GGRRR. Anyhow I did get an email from the distributor this morning saying they'd replace it (1 year guarantee). If I make it to town this week I'll stop in to Staples and see if they carry them. Might cost more but would be easier to replace rather than wait on a delivery.

    In the meantime I have the ancient Dell Inspiron on my lap. Huge, heavy, solid old workhorse. I love it with its very stable keyboard and keys, fits my hands perfectly and not finicky like the newer one. Its battery only lasts about 3 hours but is enough to get me by for a while. Tablet is fine but too teensy to type on.

    DH got to drag the garbage can out of the curb this morning, we have a longish driveway and there was no rolling it on the wheels. Hope the garbage truck comes today, tho it's hard to tell where the edge of the road is.

    That's the latest here, time to plug this old girl in. Back later, stay warm everyone!

    SW WA State where its 34 and snowing!

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    Heather: Your DH is a prince, and obviously a talented grandfather. :heart:

    Barbie: We are thrilled with the fireplace. The log set is the same, but the wiring and flame delivery systems have been upgraded. It has never worked better. :bigsmile:

    Kim: Mesh sheets and headstalls are to keep flies out of horse eyes and nostrils. Flies lay eggs that cause horses all sorts of misery. Not necessary in very cold weather, but vital when things warm up and fly eggs hatch. Blankets are to help the horse stay clean and warm in colder weather. Wild horses and those that live outdoors all the time get very wooly in winter weather. I hope this gives a little insight. Sue and Cheryl know a lot more than I do. :flowerforyou: I can fly to DC but our plan for this summer is a road trip in the RV. I hope it goes well. :smiley:

    Barbara: “Katla sorry that your DS and the grands won't be returning to Fr. Lewis soon. Is the DC assignment a promotion or prestigious one? Hoping they can schedule periodic visits, though it's not the same...” I don’t actually know. I do know they want to buy a house in the area and that housing is quite expensive. Karen would be an expert on that information. :star:

    Sharon: Sorry to hear about blisters. :ohwell:

    Tracey: I have to admit that I feel sorry for myself because my kids are so very far away. :cry:

    Lisa: I’m glad you have less pain today. YAY!!!

    Machka: I had my gallbladder removed a number of years ago because of a gallstone. People often have many of them, but I had only one-and it was the size of a robin’s egg. I am very happy that I had it removed. :flowerforyou:

    Pip: We had much less snow than you did, and it is almost completely gone. :flowerforyou:

    Lanette: I have an apple macintosh from 2009. It will not run some of the most recent systems, but I don’t care. It works for me and I will keep using it as long as possible.

    Our snow is nearly gone. There are tiny patches in shady areas and I expect they’ll be completely gone soon. I’m hoping to go to yoga this morning.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Posts: 6,937Member Member Posts: 6,937Member Member
    Beautiful afternoon here. Sunny and mild. I went out on the bus with my shopping trolley and visited several food emporiums. I'm afraid I succumbed to the world's best Scotch Eggs; bought two for tomorrow lunch and had one (chilli and coriander ) for my snack. Needless to say, they do not fit in with my calorie allowance. >:) Luckily, tonight's dinner is fairly low in calories.
    I did have trouble finding the frozen baby broad beans though. I think I got the last packet. The freezer was full of edamame beans instead! When did they take over the world? :o

    Back home now. DH is cooking stewed apples and blackcurrants. Smells heavenly.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
  • PurpleSparkles85PurpleSparkles85 Posts: 44Member, Premium Member Posts: 44Member, Premium Member
    Playing catch up again. Still struggling with this vertigo, but maybe I finally am turning the corner—no vertigo lying down at bedtime. Fingers crossed. But for the first time in many many weeks I was all hot and itchy from my mast cell activation—I think I overdid the pineapple during the week. Usually I’m okay with it but I think I ended up with pineapple in something every day last week. Still learning my limits on some foods, I guess.

    It was mid-terms 2 weeks ago, no problems there just busy studying. Was house and dog sitting last week where I had no access to wi-fi, so I was very glad to be done with mid-terms. Got to read a lot, so I was happy. My DIL went to Michigan because her mom needed some help, she fell in the parking lot where she works from the ice and snow from that big winter storm. She couldn’t get in to the doctor so she had a fall the next day at home. She now has a knee brace but still getting the run-around. Poor DIL is exhausted but home now. Bless her heart, she wants to wait til next weekend to celebrate her birthday☹️.

    Karen—you are so right, I am often my own biggest obstacle when I cannot find motivation. I should file that in the front of my mind, rather than in the back.

    I am so sick of the rain we have been getting, with 2 more days of it to come. I’d rather have snow! Been hearing from friends in the Pacific Northwest who are getting record snows this year. Be safe up there, all of you girls here. I hope no one gets any more of that awful bitterly cold weather. My mom was in the middle of that and I was thankful she was warm and safe with my brother. It so crazy to think how much colder we were than places near the polar caps—but it is summer in Antarctica😂

    Back to the grind for now. See you all later.

    Kathy in soggy Kentucky
  • klanders30klanders30 Posts: 2,544Member Member Posts: 2,544Member Member
    tracey positive energy and thoughts are coming your way re the job interview <3<3

  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 10,257Member Member Posts: 10,257Member Member
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    Welcome Nicole!

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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  • barbiecatbarbiecat Posts: 13,478Member Member Posts: 13,478Member Member
    :) Welcome, NIcole, It has helped me to come to this thread every day and join in the conversation. Having encouraging friends has helped me on my weight loss journey.

    <3 Barbie from beautiful snowy NW WA
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Posts: 3,553Member Member Posts: 3,553Member Member
    Barbara - I admit I am not the best at US geography and Oregon is one State I have never visited. I assumed based on my lack of knowledge it was closer to Alberta weather wise. Thanks for the lesson!

    Barbie - I think I could live with your meal plan quite easily. Hubby could not, I don’t think.

    Margaret - was that Fred Rogers documentary on PBS? I meant to record that and forgot. I hope I can find it again. There are no children’s programs now that have an adult figure to look up to like those in the 60’s - 70’s. I remember Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, and us Canadian’s had Mr.Dressup and The jolly Giant.

    Lanette - my Brother is cursing a new laptop too. The motherboard went in his after a year. He is fortunate to have purchased the extended warranty so it is out for repairs now. We love is such a disposable society, nothing is made to last.

    Katla - I think I would be pitying myself too. I must not be fully awake yet as I read your comment to Lanette and my first though was “how can she keep an apple for 10 years without it rotting”. That took me a minute and then gave me a good laugh at myself.

    I woke up this morning after having the nicest dream. In the dream I received a call for the job I truly want. The lady on the phone told me all the questions that I would be asked and repeated several times to just be myself and not nervous. The interview was scheduled for Wednesday at 2. I so hope this is is a sign. I have never wanted a job as much as I want this one.

    My smile faded fast after getting up as I came out to the kitchen and my husband tells me that our furnace is acting up. It will not start on its own, it tries but doesn’t actually kick in. It has been working overtime for 2 weeks straight now and from the forecast has another couple weeks to go at least. We think we know what is wrong and will order the part off Amazon tomorrow when we have some money come in. We just have to pray it keeps going until then.

    Tracey in cold, snowy (Again) Edmonton

    Yes it was on PBS on Saturday night here.
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    Happy National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day!

    "In one of its oldest forms, the proverb was 'No weeping for shed milk' as referenced by James Howell in 1659. ... There is no changing what is done and crying over it serves no purpose. Everyone knows that unexpected or unplanned things happen in life, sometimes on a daily basis. With a positive attitude, life is much brighter and easier." As we all know, this is especially good advice for those of us trying to stick with a weight loss plan!

    Lisa - Glad to hear you are recovering well from your surgery!

    Kylia - I feel for you, being so far away from your aunt, especially since her setback. I know they do tracheotomies all the time but it still sounds scary. I hope she continues to recover well from her fall and can return to her independent life soon. I remember all too well how frustrating it was during our years in New Mexico to be unable to be there when a loved one was ill... I lost both grandmothers and my mother before we finally moved back to Texas, and I feel like I lost precious time with all of them.

    Machka - I can't speak for anyone else's use of "cheat days," but every now and then I just need a break from obsessing about food. Now and then I just want to order a meal at a restaurant and enjoy it instead of picking it apart to figure out how to log it. My cheat days often correspond to times when I'm travelling or occupied with other things, and I'm often more active during those times as well so it tends to balance out. It doesn't generally mean that I go nuts and stuff my face, but I occasionally give myself permission not to worry about tracking for a day or two and just stick close to the lifestyle changes and eating principles I've learned. It seems like good practive for maintenance, and if I don't do it I sometimes feel as if I'm pre-occupied with food and weight to the detriment of other important parts of my life.

    Katla - Sending good vibes for your dog. It's so hard to have one of our furry "children" sick!

    Heather - Wishing your friend peace, relief from some of the symptoms that are causing her difficulty, and a painless ending when the time comes.

    wessecg - Adorable puppy - I envy your puppy breath fix! You're right, that is too early to separate the pups from their mother but a lot of people who breed mixed breeds with cute names aren't exactly responsible breeders. Hope your daughter's little love continues to do well!

    Trucker - Sorry about your shingles, and now I'm outraged... you mean even if I manage to cough up the money for shingles vaccine I could still get shingles?! Hopefully your case is at least less severe than it would have been otherwise, but it still sounds awful.

    Lanette - Love that t-shirt!

    Welcome to the newcomers!

    I ended up commenting on ancient history as I caught up after the trip to New Braunfels for the AMTA state convention. This morning I weighed in at 0.8 pound heavier than before I left, so I did okay. I know from experience that fraction of a pound will disappear after a day of full hydration. It helped that I let Philip drive to the convention most days so I did a lot of walking to get around. I think we'll actually be staying home for a month or so now, and I'm looking forward to it.

    Now I need to brave the cold to bring in some stuff from the camper. I'd let it stay there for awhile, except the shoes I wear on the ski machine are out there and it's workout time. I don't really mind the cold, but the 40-degree swings from one day to the next are trying. When we arrived in New Braunfels it was in the high 70s and we briefly considered turning on the air conditioner, then after an overnight front the temps plummeted to the low 30s and we hadn't packed for that. Luna and I did a lot of walking around in the cold and sleet. This being Texas, I guess we need to keep a swimsuit and a winter coat for each of us in the camper at all times.

    -Yvonne in TX
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    B4leaving, many restaurants here put a heart or other symbol on the menu next to their healthier dishes. Or check the restaurant’s menu online before you go. That’s how I expanded my restaurant choices since I’ve recently had gastric bypass surgery.

    Viv York UK, i hope you had a great time. I hope to visit the UK to see friends in Ireland and hope to do some AirBnB sightseeing through London and surroundings if I do.

    Heather U.K., your preferred mode of dining is what I envision myself doing when I’ve recovered enough and gained enough strength to cook. Your meal plan, reduced to a total of 600-700 calories a day, is about what I can eat now. Perhaps a bit higher on the protein, as I need 70g a day of that. I’m so glad you’re taking it a bit easy as you recover. You’ll both be back where you were in no time.

    Machka, i wonder if the “dinner at the table” thing might not be around something like time to enjoy your undivided attention, since you two came so close to a final parting? My DH got that way in his last few years after a big scare with pneumonia. BTW: Woo! That weather forecast! Below my elev. of 660’ most of the precip is falling as rain, but I’m getting more snow. It’s supposed to intensify later and go on until tomorrow AM. However, the general trend for next week looks promising for a bit of a thaw.

    Margaret! im also anxious to see the Fred Rogers bio and the Tom Hanks film based on his life. He and Pres. Carter are two men I admire greatly as well as some I know in my own circle.

    Katla, Macs are “da bomb” as my grandkids would say. It’s snowing AGAIN/still here near Seattle in the foothills. My DD and DSIL made it out and are picking up non-fat milk for a recipe and protein shakes. Yay!

    Hi, Nicole! Welcome! I Sharon. I’m 75 and have struggled w weight all my life. Peak was 262.2 last summer. Jumped through the hoops and had bypass surgery last month. Your weight loss needs will be much enhanced by this bunch, not to mention I, at least, feel as if I have met a wonderful bunch of friends here. Keep in touch!

    1985Nurse, hello! Tell us what you’d like to be called and where you’re from, please. Sorry to hear of your loss. It’s unimaginable to anyone who hasn’t been through it.

    Yvonne! Please don’t give up on the shots based on my experience! The doctor said I’m one in 5000. And my case IS fairly mild, but I’ve always been super-sensitive to itchiness, and now that the blisters have come I hate to go back to my tax prep job with H&R Block Friday. It’s a bit embarrassing. I look pretty battered.

    I will make a second post very quickly showing my progress pictures, then I’m done until tomorrow.

    Sharon, snowed in Near Seattle
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    Watched a programme tonight called 'The Secret Lives of Naturally Slim People'. They followed two skinny women who appeared to eat whatever they wanted and didn't do any exercise.
    Of course, it turned out that one of them was just on the go all day and burned off her calories. She also cooked dinners from scratch. The other seemed to be continually eating, but she only took a few bites of things and threw nearly all her food away. She felt full really quickly.
    So no magic then. :bigsmile:
    Lessons to be learned - Sitting a lot is very bad for you. Big portions are bad for you. Well, we knew that. :D
    Next week they are going to look at a couple of skinny men.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

    Welcome 1985Nurse. A terrible thing to lose a child. So sorry. <3
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