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    Tracey in Edmonton: I hope you are able to get the parts you need to fix your furnace. Our apples are telephones & computers, I like the apples that grow on trees, too, but DH can’t eat them. :ohwell:

    Nicole: Welcome! Stop by often. :star:

    1985 Nurse: Welcome! :flowerforyou:

    Yvonne: Thank for your kind words about our dog. He’s doing much better these days thanks to his medicine. We have one more day of antibiotics and a vet appointment for later in the week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all will be okay. I would prefer to avoid surgery due to his age. :star:

    Sharon: It looks to me like you’re making good progress. WTG! :smiley

    Shannon in Ontario: I have always like Fred Rogers, too. My kids grew up with him and I watched along with them. My childhood TV featured Clarabell the Clown and Howdy Doody. I remember a few TV hosts who were overly friendly with the moms in the studio audience. Red Buttons comes to mind. Most of the hosts that I watched were local and good people. I know of several Ontarios. One is is CA, one is in OR, and one is in CANADA. Which is your home? :flowerforyou:

    SueBDew: I am in awe of your courage. I can’t imagine inviting 22 people to my house. :noway:

    April: Welcome! :star:

    Rita: We're planning a road trip to see our kids, but not before the weather turns to spring. We're looking at April-ish. Our current thought is to go the northern route through Montana and eastward. We'll go directly to Virginia to see our son and his family. That works for him because he won't be traveling at that time. Then we'll visit our daughter's family in Illinois with no time pressures. I'd appreciate any comments you might have about planning and travel. :flowerforyou:

    We have no snow at all today, and I don’t see any across the river in WA. The clouds are low enough that I can’t see the higher hills or mountains in WA. We live at the bottom of a steep hill, so I can’t really see the higher hills behind here, either.

    I’ve been wondering about Karen & her grandson. Has anyone heard from her lately?

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Ugh think I've caught a cold,I'm in bed with heated mattress pad on and a bottle water..
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    stats for the day:

    GYM closed again,

    bike ride home 2 dome - strava didn't record- around 20min, 130mhr, 2.6mi= 108c
    walk sta 2 wrk- 10.08min mi, 18.37min mi, 125mhr, .5mi= 62c
    slow jog wrk 2 sta- 6.24min, 13.11min mi, 142mhr, .4mi= 66c
    ride dome 2 hm- 148mhr, 7amph, 2.5mi= 206c

    total cal 442
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    Used the elliptical while waiting for the Power Hour class to begin. The plan for tomorrow is to do some spinning

    Shannon – what kind of eye surgery are you going to have? Any idea when?

    Suebdew – what a lovely table setting! Looks like something Heather would have done.

    M – I’m sure you know that if you find a skirt that you like in a different color, you can always look online to see if they carry it in navy. I have done that lots of times

    Not sure why, but couldn’t sleep last night so I got up and did more crochet. I THINK now I’m ready to have the lady help my start on the second boot. Update: I got the first 20 or so rows done. Now I'm at the spot where I got confused before.

    Ndargy – we’re so glad you found us, too. What name and a location would you like to be called? I’m so sorry about your FIL

    April – I always seem to find that I sneeze after having a lot of refined carbs. You are one funny gal!

    Ndargy – I usually keep a few snacks in my pocketbook. To me there is nothing worse than having to stop shopping so that I can have something to eat….lol

    Exercised, went to Aldi (I try to buy just a little at a time which is why I need to go to the store so often), laid out in the sun (I refuse to have white legs!), then we went to this ceramics place here which is usually open on Tues but they weren’t today, so we stopped at the SPCA thrift store. I got a pair of shorts, an exercises DVD (yet another one), a large cup (hope it’s larger than the one that’s down here), Vince wanted this magnet of cats so we got that (put it on the door to the condo), now here for dinner and to start on the second part of the stocking so that I hopefully the gal here can help me with it this Monday.

    April – when I go to a store, I usually park in the hitherlands. But my reason for doing that is because many years ago I had to get all the dings taken out of my car from shopping carts, doors hitting me, etc. Well, it cost over $1,000. I figure “for $1,000, I’ll park away so there’s less chance of someone banging into my door or something”

    Michele now in FL but not for long enough
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Interesting article. I've been struggling with motivation to do just about anything these days ... but hadn't thought to look at it from the demotivation perspective.

    How to Recover from 10 Types of Demotivation

    I can relate to about half of those.

    M in Oz
    Machka - good article! It doesn't quite cover my issue with demotivation, but getting close.

    I'm very motivated when it comes to exercise. I'd like to be exercising right now and it drives me crazy when I've got an injury or something that prevents me from exercising as much as I'd like.

    I'm reasonably motivated when it comes to food ... unless I get really hungry late in the evening like I did last night and eat a bit more than I should.

    I'm reasonably motivated about having a clean house, doing the laundry, etc.

    Where I'm not motivated is handling the paperwork. It doesn't excite me, I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with it or what I need to do next, there's a big grief aspect (ambiguous loss*) with it because I've taken it all over because my husband can't (yet), and I'm burnt out.

    I'd love to be able to come home after work and do nothing ... but there's always something to do, piles and piles of something to do.

    *Coined by Pauline Boss, PhD, "ambiguous loss" describes the grief associated with a loss of a person or relationship, in which there is confusion or uncertainty about that person or relationship ... such as a loved one with TBI who may be physically present but psychologically absent, or less present.

    Machka in Oz

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    Morning, afternoon, and evening, all...

    Need less of the pain meds every day now, and the pain is different - less like the knee has been mortally offended and more simple, if massive, stiffness that can be worked through . Caught a glimpse of the back of my knee last night, and it's still black and bruised-looking from halfway up my thigh to halfway down my calf, but it's not like I ever show my legs. The two dresses I've worn in the last ten years were a ball gown and my wedding dress, both floor length!

    Work was less exhausting yesterday, and that's with working (at home) 13 hours, punctuated by a morning and afternoon half-hour PT session and a quick power-nap at lunchtime while the squeezy leg thing did its magic to keep me from getting a blood clot. They have them for at-home care now, which is kinda awesome. Oh... and my digestive system finally got itself moving, so I'm happy on that note (and lost the three pounds gained, as well, in two days) :dizzy:

    Barbie - hope the chaotic caterpillar of a kitchen turns into a beautiful butterfly when they're done!

    Still watching with interest as the organization I left continues changing. All but one director level and above have quit or were asked to resign. But then, we've lost three directors in less than a month at my current council. One, as I mentioned, was killed in a tragic accident, one had resigned just before that, and another resigned last week. Both the resignations were happy transitions to good jobs, but things are a little chaotic, nonetheless.

    But, I'm getting things caught up, which makes me happy, and dropped no balls (as far as I know) while I was out for four days. Time to get to it - and get my second cup of coffee going.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in Arkansas
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    morning ladies~
    I am up and feeling a bit better.. icy freezy mess out there, but will still go and walk the dogs and feed DFIL
    then onto work...
    I think im going to put the scale away for a bit as I am to focused on it.. I also bought keto urine strips and with all of this im doing says I am only in trace ketones... UGH.. so I think maybe I have been eating not enough fat and upped my intake for today with salad with feta, steak and marinated mushrooms, and caulifower mac and cheese...
    i dont know how you can gain when your not eating enough calories, but guess that is me.. im stickin to it, not gonna give up..
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    Machka - I can't imagine how difficult it must be not having your husband and best friend not entirely present with you. It must be very lonely. (((HUGS))) <3

    Tracey - We actually are homebirds and quite satisfied with our own company, definite introverts, but we always enjoy it when we do make the effort. We moved here because we both felt we needed to get out more, so I do feel we should make the effort. It's too easy to drift your life away in front of the tv and I could easily do that. It's often a struggle to get out, but it's always worth it. It's great that everything here is easily reachable, either by free bus, or by walking. DH wanted to go somewhere this pm as the weather is beautiful this week. I was thinking of running, if my knee is up to it, so he may just walk with me. If not, I want to try the nearby Lidl, which we haven't visited yet. That would be a car journey though.
    I can get very antsy if I don't have something to look forward to. I'm beginning to feel a bit disappointed that we cancelled the spring cruise, but I really couldn't afford it. :'( Plus DH has his cricket then. I feel supremely lucky that the man I met so late in my life, 53, is my best friend and my lover. We love each other's company. Most of the time! :laugh: I do hope to make one or two local friends if we can.

    Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. We are not going out. >:) I have my dance class, so we will have our favourite blinis and faux caviar when I get back from that mid afternoon. A man is coming to mend the shed in the morning. In the evening we will open a bottle of the champagne we got for a present at Christmas B) and our dinner will be local skate. Yummo! I have a card for DH and a bottle of his favourite malt whisky (Caol Ila) , and some chocolate truffles. I expect to share in my largesse. :D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Happy Wednesday!

    As all you new ladies have noticed, this is a very welcoming group! We live in all different areas, have different lifestyles, and even different goals. What we have un common is the desire to live healthier lives. I am currently doing most of my walking around the inside of the house. Normally I can walk circles as I live in a traditional ranch, but my fur girls have been road blocking me lots lately! When I get a chance to get on laptop, I will share pictures. The advantage to walking inside is I can read everyone's posts while not sitting on my bottom. The disadvantage is I can't take notes. If I miss someone, please know I read and thought about your posts.
    My husband bought my valentine flowers last night while we were at drug store. (He is legally blind) They are beautiful. I bought him an iris and lily bouquet that should be here today. (Proflowers) He will get card and chocolate tomorrow. Several years ago he ordered flowers for me from a local florist with a great reputation and had them delivered. They lasted 2 days! They did send a replacement bouquet, but it only lasted 4 days. My birthday flowers from Krogers are now on day 10! Again pictures when I get on laptop. No other plans for valentines day.
    Machka- I am much more motivated when I have lots to do. When I have little on my list, it is hard to do anything. Parts organizing still going. New boxes should be ready for pick up on Friday.
    LisaAR- glad you got a power nap in and are feeling less pain.

    Ladies, please stay safe where you are! We had tons of rain yesterday, which switched to snow last night, and the wind is wicked!

    Michele-get those tan legs for me!

    Time to get ready for work. Not as much steppage as yesterday morning, but good enough!

    Kylia in windy and cold Ohio!

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