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    My goals were to track and to eat heaps veg!
    I didnt get much veg but can eat more tomorrow (i had to have teeth work and couldnt eat colourful foods on case of staining!).
    My goals for tomorrow are to eat veg and track.
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    Good grief when it comes to work seminars they always have delicious food. I must say today was a battle. I had a SMALL glass of wine with lunch. I did have a small piece of the chocolate cream cake but it was worth the calories. I didn’t totally blow it and for that I’m pleased.
  • wearefab
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    Well I have gained 1.5kg in a week, but I wont worry about it. Ill just carry on!
    And blame it on the late night eating, peanut butter and bhuja mix!!!
    I do love snacks!!!
    Goal for today is to track and get some movement. I would say gym but dont want to let myself down!!!!
    Go well everyone!
  • wearefab
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    Chard, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, tomato are the veg I got today!
    Walk and gym...tick!
    Track - yes.
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    Hi, I’m currently at 178lbs and needing/wanting to lose about 28lbs, but tbh I’d be happy with half that for a start! I know I don’t get enough exercise- I’m at work all day and can’t stand gyms! And I need to cut down on my wine intake! Anyone out there in a similar boat? I could do with an accountabilibuddy! I’m also on Fitbit, so some step challenges would be good!
  • wearefab
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    Another day happening!
    Goals are to eat veg and exercise and track.
    Yesterday a small niggle in my lower back on one side travelled to my hip and it's painful to sit and feels stiff.
    I hope it's muscular rather than bone tendon ligament or joint sac!
    Time will tell. I think it's how ivery been sitting. ...a lot and assymetrical! I also got new trainers so that may have triggered it.
    Anyone had the same and have any advice?
  • wearefab
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    @OCDOD ...and chocolate and sweets and burger and chips !! Lol
  • wearefab
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    I ate veg broccoli chard tomato. I walked for exercise. I tracked.
    Tomorrow goal is moderation!
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    I have been MIA for a bit due to the insanity that was my life in February ... doctor's appointments, tests, play rehearsals, dance classes, dance picture week, basketball practices and games. I am happy to report all tests have been normal except my cholesterol and I am still wearing a 30-day heart monitor. I feel relieved so far with the results. March will not be as busy. My daughter has 2 more days of performances and we will be done with that.

    My why still remains my health. Despite the normal tests, I am at high risk for heart disease and diabetes. I need to improve my blood pressure and cholesterol.

    My goals for this month are:
    1. Eat more whole foods and a lot more fruits and veggies.
    2. 80 oz water daily
    3. Log every meal into MFP .. especially weekends
    4. Exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 times/week.
    5. Check in here everyday to stay accountable.
    6. Lose 5lbs this month (keeping it realistic)
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    HI welcome back @azkunk 😀
    That's sounds like some light relief bit no clear answers.
    When my cholesterol and BP were high , it was because of a thyroid problem but my thyroid was tested and came back within normal ranges. What I didn't know then is that my region dont test all the thyroid tests, and that coming in range does not mean healthy.
    I'd really recommend any female of our age to play close attention to what is tested and where in the range they fall.
    I'd be happy to say more if anyone wants to know otherwise I'll leave it there.
    I have a cardiac problem related to the years of undiagnosed thyroid problem.

    My goal for the day is to be alive , exercise, track !
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    I will be 42 next month April. I need to lose 10 lbs. I need motivation to do this. My nearest guy is 1 hour away so it’s not possible to go to the gym. So that’s y I’m here. I use to b n good shape but left it go. I also need to get my food in check. So thanks for the motivation.
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    Hi everyone! 45 yo here, and it is slooooow going in my 40's! Looking to lose a good 50 pounds. Please add me if you like!
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    Hi everyone, my name is Stefanie I am 40 soon to be 41. I am very active, I play competitive volleyball, and run and coach Track and Field. I also lift weights and like to jog when I can. That being said I cannot lose weight. I think it comes down to diet maybe, I am tracking my foods and going by the 1340 calories per day recommendation. I hope it works. I work best with accountability. I signed up for a diet bet, last month, thinking that would keep me accountable, however the group did not communicate so no motivation or accountability was there. I am hoping to meet other 40 plus year old ladies who are looking for accountability as well. Please feel free to add me, as I have not figured that one out yet lol. Do any of you have a fitbit and keep accountability with steps? I am struggling on how to not lose muscle and just fat, if anyone has tips on that, I am all ears. Oh and I am from Canada's West Coast.

    My current weight is 210lbs
    Height 5'8
    Short Term Goal Weight (June) 185lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight 165lbs
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    Hello. I will be 44 this July. I am wanting to lose 20-26 lbs. please feel free to add me. Thank you
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