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“Large” Restaurant Customers need special accommodation?

amyepdxamyepdx Member Posts: 750 Member Member Posts: 750 Member

What do you all think?
I think by the time I got to the point of “but all I can think about is the pain in my thighs and the arms of the chair pinching my sides and how much longer I will have to pretend everything is fine.” I’d worry more about getting healthy than which restaurant seats I can fit into.
She’s only 30 years old - that makes me sad too.


  • amyepdxamyepdx Member Posts: 750 Member Member Posts: 750 Member
    That was a difficult read. It shocked me to see the modern verbiage of people who "identify" as fat, obese, or large. That doesn't seem to be something up to personal choice.

    Exactly - I was trying to figure out how to articulate that point. The denial was unbelievable

    Fun fact - I live in the same neighborhood as that restaurant.
  • Annie_01Annie_01 Member Posts: 3,115 Member Member Posts: 3,115 Member
    Though costly it might be to a restaurants advantage to modify their seating. Just take a look at statistics...there are far more people that are overweight and obese than there are "normal" weight...whatever normal is?
  • comptonelizabethcomptonelizabeth Member Posts: 1,688 Member Member Posts: 1,688 Member
    For some reason the link didn't work for me ; I haven't read the article so apologies if I'm speaking out of turn
    I've never been overweight so have no personal experience but, my best and oldest friend is very overweight /obese and I know this is an issue for her. Mainly, I think, because she's embarrassed about her weight and hates the thought that other people might be put out or inconvenienced by it. When we eat out, I usually book a table and make specific requests so that she'll have enough room to be comfortable. I don't see a problem with restaurants accommodating people's different needs - I have an arthritic hip and therefore prefer a table on the ground floor. I don't see that this is any different to that or, say, people who want extra space for a push chair or wheel chair.
    The issue of my friend's weight and what she should or shouldn't be doing about it is a separate issue. She's not in denial - she knows only too well of the health risks and impact on her mobility.
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