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What new or revised public policy/law would make it easier for people to maintain a healthy weight?



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    Unless you eat out a lot one meal should not sabotage your weight management. I seldom eat out so when I do I don't want to spend that time being upset because I don't know the calorie count. Eat what you think is a reasonable portion and then take the rest home with you for a meal or snack the next day.
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    There's enough government intervention. People need to take some personal friggin' responsibility. I don't want any mandates or laws. Required calorie disclosures for all restaurants would ruin some of my favorite local places...regardless of whether it's sent to a lab or not, it's time consuming and time is money so it's still going to be expensive.

    Besides that, some of my favorite restaurants do not maintain a constant menu...One place I go has an ever changing dinner menu as they get everything from their own farm and other local farms, so what's on the menu is whatever is actually available fresh and local...then for the breakfast/brunch menu, they often invent dishes from food that is leftover from the previous nights dinner menu.

    And look at it this way...there are already plenty of restaurants with stated calorie counts and pretty much everything you buy at the store requires a nutritional label...has it done anything to curb obesity? Nope...the only people who even really care are people who are calorie aware and/or actually counting calories which is a huge minority of the population.

    Really, there needs to be more education, not more legislation.

    The thing is there is all sorts of educational material out there. People just choose not to look at them or ignore the advice.

    The information on Choose My Plate, if followed is really all that is needed for the vast majority to lose or maintain weight.
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