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Things people say when you lose weight



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    whathapnd wrote: »
    I think most people mean well but don't know what to say, so end up make things more complicated by trying to be funny or saying too much. That said, there are definitely snarky people.

    I've lost weight a couple of times and most people have been very nice with their comments. However, the first time, after I'd lost about 23lbs and was comfortably in size 12 jeans, a family member who I was clearly a similar size to, if not smaller than, asked if I'd like some post-baby-weight jeans she was getting rid of. I think she wanted me to ask the size of the jeans so that she'd know my size. I thanked her for the offer and told her, truthfully, that I'd just bought new jeans so didn't need them. She honestly seemed miffed that I didn't take them.

    I'm sorry, but I think I would have politely told her to kiss my size 12 you-know-what!
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