Things people say when you lose weight



  • firef1y72
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    I'm at the beginning of my journey and only down 4-5 lbs. The comment I received yesterday was:

    "Don't lose too much. I can already see that you're thinner. You don't want to get too skinny."

    I'm 5'2" and around 150 lbs (mostly fat). Ideally, I want to get closer to the high end of the healthy BMI stat OR shed some more fat and gain some muscle. Hearing that comment felt so negative! I feel really good about the little bit I have lost, but I still have some fat around the midsection that I'm working on losing.

    Can I just say I'm 5'2", my usual maintenance weight range is 148-152lb (currently a little higher as I've just finished marathon training/bulking) and I get a lot of people telling me I don't need to lose more. While I do have a higher than average amount of muscle (thanks to lifting heavy while losing the weight), a lot of loose skin and a fairly low bf, I'd still like to get down to 135lb this summer as I cut, mostly though because doing so fits in with my goals of working on speed over the next 18months.

    But I do not want to be skinny, I have been skinny before and it doesn't look good on me, I look better with the extra muscle (I'm a UK10/12 (very occasionally an 8-10) and last time I was this size I weighed around a stone less). When I first got down to the 148-152lb I had about 30% bodyfat, 18months and a lot of work later I'm down to around 21% (hard to be accurate without a scan as I have a lot of loose skin as I said).

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