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Things people say when you lose weight



  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Member Posts: 10,575 Member Member Posts: 10,575 Member
    My aunt calls me "Skinny Minnie" every time she sees me.

    You'd have to see this aunt, she's skin and bones, has been all her life. She and her daughter (my cousin) are genetically predisposed to being skin and bones (with no boobs or bum either). My sister got those genes and struggles to gain weight as well.

    Anyway, she's skin and bones but calls me skinny.

    I mentioned this upthread, but that's the worst to me...seems very condescending, whether it's meant to be or not.
  • kd_mazurkd_mazur Member Posts: 569 Member Member Posts: 569 Member
    David7881 wrote: »
    The worst is when people come up to you, "you need to tell me your meal plan" sit there waste 10 mins pf my time explaining it to them just so they can say, "that sounds hard" and never do it or ask again a few weeks later 😒

    I try to combat this by responding "move more, eat less" when people ask what I am doing. The idea of eating less, typically generates the response, "oh, I can't do that" or 'oh, that doesn't work for me"
  • motivatedmarthamotivatedmartha Member Posts: 1,107 Member Member Posts: 1,107 Member
    I find that most people are eager to recognise/support my efforts but don't really know what to say - I'm happy when they say 'you're looking good/trim/fit/well' regardless of any connotations that it may have that I didn't before. After all, before I was uncomfortable, struggled with mobility and wore pretty awful clothes. Most of my friends/family mean it kindly, those who may be a bit snide (can't think of anyone to be fair) I wouldn't give a second thought to. I have only been asked once how I did it - I just replied that I stopped eating all the pies! :D When I turn down cakes/donuts/chocolates not planned into my day I have several times heard the response - that's why she's so slim (I'm not yet- but am a normal BMI now) and we're not.
    @TanyaHooton - I love that quip - funny but not a put down
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