Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Kristeen03
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    apg9470 wrote: »
    I'd like a few friends
    I'm new on here and thought my mapmyride friends would be automatically added but they haven't
    So I'm riding solo 😂😂
    Plus I don't know how to add anyone on here yet
    So if you don't mind adding me that would be nice

    Friended! If you want to add people - you just enter the username in the "Find Members" tab :)
  • mnmischief
    mnmischief Posts: 3 Member
    Hey everyone I am Nicole. Feel free to add me

    We're already friends but hey... I'm also a blue eyed girl named Nicole. Just had to share. :)
  • LazyGuy91
    LazyGuy91 Posts: 171 Member
    Hi - I'm new to this again and am looking for some active friends. Please feel free to add me :)
  • Blue_eyes_jojo
    Blue_eyes_jojo Posts: 57 Member
    Hi been on here awhile,would love some new friends,I’m a supportive friend,love to see people reach their goals,we can do this 😊 👍🏻
  • NelletteA
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    edited April 2019
    Trying things different this time around and looking to add friends to help in accountability and motivation for me and you as well!

    I’m from Iowa but travel a whole lot.
    Almost 33 with two furkids.
    I enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening, biking, hiking, swimming, etc.
    Please add me as I have looked everywhere and can not figure out how to add others. lol
  • 8christi8
    8christi8 Posts: 13 Member
    Hlo, Christi here. Im from South Africa. Back on MFP since February.
    SW: 249
    CW: 222
    GW: 143
    Feel free to add me :)
  • PeaceQT18
    PeaceQT18 Posts: 56 Member
    Motivation Needed!!!!
  • PeaceQT18
    PeaceQT18 Posts: 56 Member
    Hey all,
    SW: 260
    CW: 185+ (struggling yo-yoing from 185-190 smh)
    GW: 160 or less
  • mcdonaghloretta5
    mcdonaghloretta5 Posts: 10 Member
    feel free to add me pls. im in ireland and would love some inspiration /motivation on this journey. :smile:
  • tlrucon
    tlrucon Posts: 206 Member
    New friends rock!
  • tiffuhnee13
    tiffuhnee13 Posts: 163 Member
    I always accept new friends😊
  • Gemican77
    Gemican77 Posts: 2 Member
    I definitely need motivational friends. My doctor and nutritionist is making do low carb due to severe hypoglycemia I've been having. Trying to stay between 60 to 100 carbs daily is a VERY hard struggle for me. Not diabetic by the way.
  • ramonamitchell12
    ramonamitchell12 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everybody, I've been using this app for a while but literally only seen all this extra stuff. Would love some more friends on it 😊 feel free to ad me 😊
  • serendipity22
    serendipity22 Posts: 248 Member
    I would like some more friends to help motivate as well as help me stay motivated.
  • catarinaq78
    catarinaq78 Posts: 16 Member
    I could really use some support, trying to get back on that horse again - thanks!
  • austinwb8
    austinwb8 Posts: 149 Member
    Can't have enough friends right?!?! Feel free to add me!!
  • hrtzhawk
    hrtzhawk Posts: 3 Member
    Feel free to add me too! Always up for saying hi to people (but not much else, lol).
  • patientedd
    patientedd Posts: 1 Member
    Always been reluctant to talk about my fitness goals to anyone, but realise now it helps keep me motivated! Feel free to add me
  • nkzard
    nkzard Posts: 19 Member
    Being doing this whole fitness thing for s couple years now. Feel free to add me, always happy to talk!