Favorite Light ice creams?

Katmary71 Posts: 6,711 Member
So far my favorite is Enlightened Chocolate Peanut Butter. What are your favorites that are worth the price and calories?


  • apullum
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    I like many of the Enlightened flavors. If you happen to have Grocery Outlet stores nearby, my local ones have several flavors in stock right now. So far my favorites are triple chocolate and frozen hot cocoa. If you’re not feeling like chocolate, the snickerdoodle flavor is good too.

    I also really like the strawberry cheesecake Halo Top, and some of the Target brand (Archer Farms) flavors.

    For plain chocolate, my favorite is Breyers Delights.
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 6,711 Member
    I have a Grocery Outlet nearby, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendations!
  • nocgirl72
    nocgirl72 Posts: 139 Member
    I like the Enlightened chocolate bar as well. Not bad for 70 calories.

    I also like the Kroger no sugar added fudge bar. 60 calories and 4g of fiber.
  • Idontcareyoupick
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    I'm enjoying Archer farms at Target. I like the mint cookies and cream and the chocolate pecan pie
  • jgnickel
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    chilly cow brownie batter, and Umpqua fat free frozen yogurt caramel macadamia nut
  • krismurphy798
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    I’m big on Halo Top. I like a lot of the flavors, and the chocolate Almond Crunch reminds me of the little Malt Cups from the ice cream truck as a kid. Also, with only around 300 calories per pint, I don’t feel bad when I eat have a pint watching Netflix
  • Wallelf56
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    Blue Ribbon Fudge Bars from Walmart. 80 calories, and taste like the real deal.
  • Gisel2015
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    I am not crazy or passionate about about ice cream, specially the weird flavors; but my supermarket has a no-sugar added easy-churned ice cream that I enjoy once in awhile. I like the vanilla flavor and the one with added pecans. I tried the cherry flavor but it tasted too sweet for me.

    I may need to check the Archer farms at Target. My husband may like it because he loves ice cream.
  • ncgirl8
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    Enlightened Red Velvet and Low Cow Mint Chip!
  • Lattesweet
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    I am really loving Berger’s delights 320 calorie pints! The cookies and cream is soo good!! Yasso is also a great icecream brand!!
  • Katmary71
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    Thanks for all the recommendations! Something tells me I'll be going to the store in the next couple days just to get ice cream!
  • VegjoyP
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    I make my own, using either avocado or banana and coconut, cashew or almond milk. Then I add in Truvia, cacao powder or even plant protein powder.
  • grinning_chick
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    Umpqua Dairy Premium Lite Praline Pecan. Safeway/Albertsons in the PacNW seem to reliably stock it; no idea of availability outside of. Can't handle the erythritol ice creams, tho (Halo Top was 100% inedible to me), so it's either this or Ben & Jerry's light Cherry Garcia/chocolate mix up.

    I could make my own as I've made full fat/sugar ice cream before but just haven't had the time to see if there's any home-based recipes with reasonable calories for a reasonable serving size that sound appealing.
  • chris89topher
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    Simple Truth Low Cow from Kroger is my favorite. It's as good or better than Halo Top and usually on sale so it's cheaper. And then of course I love Halo Top. 😍
  • Sharon_C
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    I am on a Low Cow kick. It's a Kroger brand. Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite
  • seltzermint555
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    I think Arctic Zero is *terrible* and want to warn the whole world.
    I've gotta try Enlightened after all of these raves!

    I usually go for smaller portions of regular ice cream, but I do like Halo Top! Favorite flavors so far have been pistachio, birthday cake, and mochi green tea (I think that last one was d/c'd). I was not as crazy about the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor but it was okay!
  • JenSD6
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    I've liked almost all of the Halo Top flavours I've tried. I broke into the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavour last night, and it was very yummy. I just wish it wasn't so stupidly expensive in Canada.
  • lporter229
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    I have tried Halo Top and did not like it, so I have stayed away from all of the other low cal ice creams. However, I love Edy's slow churned French Silk. It's probably not as low in calories as the others mentioned here, but I think for the taste and texture it is well worth it. It's only 120 calories for a 1/2 cup serving.
  • kshama2001
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    I gave many flavors of Enlightened and Halo Top a fair try and really just don't care for this type of ice cream.

    I do like reduced calorie Ben & Jerry's, but the calorie count is not reduced all that much. But then, the flavor isn't reduced either :lol: