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What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



  • 1991court1991court Member Posts: 230 Member Member Posts: 230 Member
    lkpducky wrote: »
    1991court wrote: »
    1991court wrote: »
    So my emotionally and mentally abusive ex can see how much better my life is now that he is gone... btw I ended things tonight.

    Congratulations! Stand strong!

    Thank you, I am trying. Today is kind of tough.

    Big hugs to you, take care of yourself. Think of something nice you can do for yourself. Sending good thoughts.

    Thank you so much.
  • bgrodribgrodri Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I wanna be the skinny cousin again lmaooo
  • Katmary71Katmary71 Member Posts: 3,656 Member Member Posts: 3,656 Member
    dmcnur wrote: »
    To get back at my ex husband who said that "he didn't like fat women". Well, guess who isn't fat any more????? My profile picture is from a photo shoot I did last year to reward my self for getting to my goal weight. I lost 35kg and have been maintaining +/- 1-2kg since July last year. I am 62 and have not been this weight since before I had my first child back in 1983.

    You look amazing, good for you!
  • getfitgrl1993getfitgrl1993 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    I want to rock my revenge body while wearing Gucci.
  • csilverthorn22csilverthorn22 Member Posts: 31 Member Member Posts: 31 Member
    I had a friend that was always thinner than me (but had bigger boobs the *kitten*. how is that fair?!) haha... when I lost 20 lbs and was rockin' my beach bod she very irritatedly said "eat a *kitten* hamburger." was like music to my ears lol

    I can be soooooo petty about it. like.. I hate giving in to the weightloss/skinny chick monster and industry that media is selling us but secretly, I have this weakness. I want to be a bombshell, I want to be "in control" - still be able to eat fun things in moderation and be social , and have some drinks - but look and feel good and be thinner than my "always on a diet" but never seem to get anywhere friends!!! I want to "prove" its possible - AND... be "Right" as I keep trying to tell these friends that WOMEN SHOULD lift weights and WILL NOT get "bulky".

    I want to put on a bathing suit and not stare at my thighs. I want to prove wrong everyone who buys into the idea of "leave your teens fill out your jeans' or that "as you get older your health declines" because it does NOT have to be like this!

    GODDESSES NEVER AGE!!! ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup ... and they should still ride horses, compete, snowboard, and rock a bikini (me.)

    Anyone looking to have venting sessions can also feel free to add me :)!

    I just went back and was like.. why does this say KITTEN Everywhere. no swearing on MFP I guess?! oops. sorry lol
  • grw102grw102 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I want to look and feel good in a bikini.
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