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  • kayfaeikayfaei Member Posts: 252 Member Member Posts: 252 Member
    Monday, I was in a meeting with our CEO and he congratulated me on my weight loss and said he was really proud of me because he knows personally how tough it can be to lose weight.

    Then yesterday, I was walking into work and a guy I worked with regularly when I was in the warehouse post-college said I was looking great and smaller than he'd ever seen me and that I had motivated him to lose some weight too. He just hadn't had a chance to congratulate me yet.

    For reference, I've lost 130 pounds in the last 8 1/2 months. Feels good especially considering I still feel like I have at least 80 pounds left to lose.

    Holy moly please sure your tips on what your doing to have lost such an amazing amount of weight in a 8 month time span!
  • tthickens637tthickens637 Member Posts: 312 Member Member Posts: 312 Member
    Saw my doctor today, first time I’ve had blood work since before I lost weight. My cholesterol went down 50 points (244-194)!

    OMG, that is huge!! Solid work - yay you.👏👏👏
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