Less Alcohol - JULY 2019 - One Day at a Time



  • MissMay
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    Good to see you again @mckinlau. 3 AF days this week sounds like a great plan to start with. 👍
  • mainelylisa
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    @annengineer Congratulations!!! So many foods on the do-not-eat list. When I was preggo 30 years ago, it was really just don't smoke or drink (much), lol.
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    I am going to continue into July with a goal of 4-5 AF days per week. It is great to be able to check in here each day. Thank you for looking after us @MissMay : - )

    May - 18 AF days
    June - 16 AF days - Really had to backload that one! It was nearing the end of the month and I was only at 12 AF days. Maybe going to try to get more in at the beginning of the month this time.

    July 01 - AF
    July 02 - AF - Guess that I will start my tally at the bottom : - ) I realize now that 16AF days (4 per week) in a 31 day month is like having drinks every second day!

    Running total: 2 AF days out of 2 days so far.
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    Just popping in to say hello, and that you guys are doing great with your goals! I’ve not really been checking in since I’m AF by default now- I have my first ultrasound tomorrow :)
    I did pick up some Amber O’Douls in case I want to feel like I’m having something but haven’t cracked one yet, just lots of flavored seltzer and (when nausea hits) ginger ale. Though man oh MAN do I miss sushi! Veggie rolls are just not the same lol.


    I craved sushi like you wouldn’t believe when I was pregnant with my first. I feel your pain! I had to make do with California rolls or anything else that was a cooked roll (like shrimp tempura) but you’re right, not the same as the real thing!

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    Welcome @fitchick37 consider yourself joined! 7 days is fantastic, big clap of hands for you.

    Nice to see you again @renpup. Not to worry...goals can be tweaked, but I think 16 AF days was a great accomplishment for your month.

    @mainelylisa you are correct, the NA beers do cost more. How strange is that? I like the 50 calorie part.

    @pennyks88 I have not seen Dr.Brew around my area. These ones are Health-Ade the flavor is pomegrante.

    @annengineer try mixing sweet iced tea/ginger ale with some crushed fresh mint leaves. Don't forget to put it in your favorite fancy glass and some pretty garnish on the rim. Some days we can trick our drinking brain.
    Let us know how the ultra sound goes! WE ARE HAVING AN AF BABY ON HERE,. woot-woot!

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    pennyks88 wrote: »
    @MissMay I LOVE kombucha! Such a good alternative to drinking. Brew Dr. is my favorite brand so far.

    Today begins day 2 of being alcohol free! So I was feeling some heavy emotions yesterday and worked through it. I made a commitment to myself to do a yoga video before bed every night this month and I really wanted to go to sleep as soon as I got the kids to bed. I decided nope, I’m gonna do it anyway and I’m so glad I did. I feel proud of myself for sticking to it instead of giving up on day 1 like I’ve done so many times before. I’m also proud of my husband because he didn’t drink yesterday either! He’s trying to make some changes too and I think it’s fantastic.

    Have a beautiful day, everyone! :smile:

    That’s fantastic! Way to push through and get that yoga in! And, of course for not drinking to deal with a tough day. Inspiring!