July 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



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    80-100 mile goal:

    July 1 - 5k
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    @elise4270 - I had to look up pedipalp too. I thought the little short ones weren't legs but had no idea what they were. Now I know - Thanks! Also I think it is great that you got out for a walk and there is no bone pain - that is huge!!
    @noblsheep - I am an expert at getting cats in a carrying crate without getting a scratch, but giving them a pill - nope... my daughter used to do it using a pencil to pry open the mouth and push it in, but that would require you to be able to pick up or hold the cat in the first place.
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    Hey all. Reading and loving all the answers to the questions!

    I'm not a fitness adict - that's a pretty high bar. But I do start feeling antsy and blah if I don't for a few days. But yeah foe over 2 years now I definitely do regular exercise and look for my next "fix"
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    Potential inspiration for hot summer runs: my HS xc coach used to quote [read: heavily paraphrase] an African proverb to us about the circle of life in the Savannah. The gazelles have to outrun the lions, or they'll be eaten. But the lions have to outrun the gazelles or they'll starve. So before a workout, we would say "It doesn't matter if you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better be running." :smiley:

    This is great! I will definitely try to remember this and re-share it when I can.
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    On the board with a walk that wasn't so bad. One of the "double-mint twins" commented that I was doing better. Puzzled, she explained she saw me out on crutches before. I think I've finally turned the corner and am almost there to start rebuilding.

    I made a friend or two
    Back in my running clothes... I'm thinking I should start thinking like a runner again and watch my food and try to get out more. I see doc2's assistant tomorrow, so hopefully we can define how much I am allowed to push through.

    2.6 miles. No bone pain.

    Hey that sounds like great news! But be careful and try not to be a typical runner and push too hard too fast too soon. :)
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    noblsheep wrote: »
    @Elise4270 I had to look up "pedipalp". This forum is awesome.

    I did too. But come one, how many of us know all the parts of our own body's never mind some random species of spider :D:D
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    noblsheep wrote: »
    0702-8.3k total-8.3k, goal-100k

    Had a pretty good run this morning - we are in the middle of a heat wave yellow alert and forecasts say it'll be more than 38 degrees (100F) on Thursday, but this morning we had about an hour of overcast weather which even deposited the slightest little drizzle. Anyway it was not hot for a little while! And I got to run in this window!

    One of my cats has been sick so we took her to the vet last night. She's super skittish and hates being picked up as she's convinced we are going to eat her, so lots of scratching happened. They were red and angry this morning (the scratches, not the cat) and itched quite a bit during the run. Oh, and anyone have any advice on how to pill a paranoid kitty?

    @Elise4270 I had to look up "pedipalp". This forum is awesome.

    Haha! This forum IS awesome.

    I have two cats that are all claws when it comes to a pill. It doesn’t help that it takes 3-4 tries either. I have a piller, but I have yet to use it successfully. It could be worth a try if you don’t have one. The theory is you can just grab the scruff and pull their head back and in goes the pill to the back of the throat. Any chance the vet can sub a liquid? Most of the time, my cats just kinda give in after a few days, so you can wear them down. We also do can tuna water or chicken broth to make sure it goes down without burning their throats repeatedly. I give one cat cbd occasionally to calm him down, (he’s ADD-like). It helps. OTC pet calming stuff might help too. Might threaten to put it in an alternate orfice?

    Like @shanaber mentioned, a piller or pencil would at least keep you from getting bit. I always just grab them and shove it down and hold their mouths shut. But ya, sometimes it’s bloody, and you just accept you’re the gazelle.
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    shanaber wrote: »
    @Teresa502 - you could jump onto one of our YTY teams here!

    Thanks for the invite! My team mate is back to running some now so I don't want to abandon her. It was her idea to do this challenge. I was reluctant given my past history but needed to keep moving forward. We may not make it to goal but hopefully will be close.

    I hope you are feeling better today.

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    A quick run this morning. I'm trying to be more thorough about post run stretching.

    I'm looking into 10k training schedules to hopefully do a race in September or October. I have done one 10k in the past but it was about 8 years ago and I definitely wasn't trained up enough for it. Does anyone have any preferred training schedules?

    July Total: 4k
    July Goal: 50k
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    So I was thinking about going for a run...
    Yeah, maybe I need to rest a bit more first.