July 2019 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @Mari33a haha! I like critters. They are better than bears or lions or anything else that might eat me. We have mt lions, but they don't bother people. Oh there are gaters in the lake now at texoma. I'll pass there. Take a tarantula any day.
    And doc update.
    Saw PA
    Think I'll use the tm daily for about half a mile rather than trying to pile on the miles and regret it for a week. Leg is cranky today after yesterday's walk.
    Did doc clear you to start walk/run/etc again?
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    No run today. Wanted to, but since the temp hit 98F, I was going to wait for after the class I teach and run in the "cooler" evening... but now know it is thunder storming. Ah well... maybe tomorrow.