Hawaii in 19 days... belly fat!



  • tccroston
    tccroston Posts: 34 Member
    Enjoy your vacation! Post pictures when you get back... Have a blast and make a ton of memories!

    I wouldn’t stress too much about what people think, but that’s me.
  • pamelaschaefer6266
    pamelaschaefer6266 Posts: 1 Member
    I think that you look great. I wish I looked that great. Enjoy the beautiful trip that you've planned.
  • Momjogger
    Momjogger Posts: 750 Member
    You look fabulous. I agree with the OP that said just keep doing what you are doing. When I want to feel good, I do some ab work/Pilates. It makes me feel toned and like everything is sucked in a little more. You could add that to your routine - 5 to 10 minutes every other day might boost your confidence., but seriously, you look great!
  • HereToLose50
    HereToLose50 Posts: 154 Member
    You look amazing. Go and relax and enjoy.