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Fat Shaming Plates or Political Correctness Run Amok?

Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Member Posts: 1,947 Member Member Posts: 1,947 Member
You may have seen Macy's ended up taking these plates off their shelves after people criticized them as fat shaming.


Full article:

Any thoughts?
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  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member Posts: 10,239 Member Member Posts: 10,239 Member
    CSARdiver wrote: »
    Brilliant marketing.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't an attempt to rile up the crowds for the sake of marketing, they really did think they were making a light-hearted joke to hint at a real issue (portion control) without being too serious. They pulled them off the shelves as soon as people started complaining.
  • LJGettinSexyLJGettinSexy Member Posts: 223 Member Member Posts: 223 Member
    Mom jeans come in all sizes and fit differently than skinny jeans, which comes in all sizes too, so this was an EPIC fail at humor and anything else.
  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Member Posts: 10,239 Member Member Posts: 10,239 Member
    i think i would have less issues if it were equally marketed towards men as women, but it wasn't and there is where i have issue with - its potentially exploiting a vulnerabilty that many women have about body image to make a buck (FWIW - i eat about the same amount as mom jeans but def. don't need them)

    It's part of a collection with the same design. There was another plate in the collection that had something about men in it.
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