What was the last meal you cooked?



  • cbstewart88
    cbstewart88 Posts: 453 Member
    1982 - a meatloaf. :neutral:
  • shunggie
    shunggie Posts: 1,037 Member
    Spinach salad with blueberries and freshly grated parm with was baked swordfish. YUMMY!
  • weatherking2019
    weatherking2019 Posts: 943 Member
    I was busy yesterday so I had the slow cooker going! (And made dozen hard boiled eggs in pressure cooker)

    Seasoned Pork shoulder, white onions and green salsa all in one. After a long day, shredded it and ate with romaine lettuce. Nice tang and saltiness. It's going to be my lunch for the week :)
  • acpgee
    acpgee Posts: 6,405 Member
    Lasagna and sauteed fava bean shoots.
  • Squishy_H
    Squishy_H Posts: 57 Member
    Egg, bacon and spinach in a low carb high fiber tortilla. zg3fcnlidlu5.jpeg
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    Roasted salmon marinated in lemon juice, lemon zest, grated ginger, grated garlic, harissa, and a little bit of sugar. The recipe called for orange juice and zest but I had a bunch of lemons and zero oranges - it would have been better with orange juice. In addition, I roasted waxy potatoes that I sliced thinly on the mandolin.

    Lunch was a salmon burger which was ok but I realized that I don't actually like salmon between two slices of bread. The salmon was great though and really well seasoned.
  • Squishy_H
    Squishy_H Posts: 57 Member
    Lemon chicken and green beans 68y83gu40nxt.jpeg
  • weatherking2019
    weatherking2019 Posts: 943 Member
    @ Squishy_H That looks soo good!! Love those mushrooms!!

    Last night I made Stuffed Peppers. Ground turkey with mushrooms, zucchini, onions and can of crushed tomatoes.
    Stuffed it in the peppers and sprinkled with some cheese
    and into the oven.
    Kids had the stuffing with pasta and I had the stuffed pepper. Good "stuff"! :D
  • madwells1
    madwells1 Posts: 510 Member
    Pot roast, roasted sweet potatos, sauteed spinach.
  • TonyB0588
    TonyB0588 Posts: 9,521 Member
    A boiled egg.
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 5,995 Member
    Grilled pork chops and peaches, sweet potatoes.
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    Burst tomato galette with corn and zucchini from Smitten Kitchen. The changes that were made: I subbed whole wheat flour for a third of the flour, added 1 caramelized onion, and didn't use any cheese.

  • AustinRuadhain
    AustinRuadhain Posts: 2,486 Member
    Red Lentil Soup with North African Spices - delicious! And quick and easy to make!