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    39, male, 5'8
    Original Starting Weight: 386.6 lbs, 1/1/2019
    Longterm Goal Weight: 195.0 lbs

    Challenge Starting Weight: 314.7 lbs
    Challenge Goal Weight: 312.7 lbs

    R86 - Day/Weight/Comment

    08/11: 313.4 lbs (-1.3) ... a good way to start out the round! Completed Couch to 5k W1D3 this morning.

    08/12: 313.9 lbs (+0.5) … small fluctuation, I’ll attribute to it a bigger dinner last night (steak!), though I was still under my budget. 6 mile bike ride this morning.

    08/13: 313.2 lbs (-0.7) … good stuff! That matches my previous low. Letting myself rest a bit today cardio-wise.

    08/14: 312.5 lbs (-0.7) … that’s a new low for me, and under my goal for this round… just need to hold onto that loss and not fluctuate up too much in the next six days. Completed Couch to 5k W2D1 this morning. I was very winded by the end of the jogging intervals, but I made it through them! Joined a gym this week and I’m going to check it out and poke at some strength training tonight for the first time.

    08/15: 312.3 lbs (-0.2) … continuing my downward trend. It’s been a good week. Didn’t accomplish much at the gym, it was fairly overwhelming - so many machines/devices in there that I don’t have the faintest idea what to do with - so I just walked on the treadmill for a while and watched others. Signed up for 3 personal training sessions to get me started.

    08/16: 312.9 lbs (+0.6) … small uptick. Honestly, I expected more than this. I forgot about dinner and didn’t eat until almost 10pm, which definitely showed on the scale this morning. I still have some soreness in my left leg and my stomach felt off this morning, so I decided to push my next run off a day.

    08/17: 310.6 lbs (-2.3) … nice! Beat my previous low by 2lbs. Still need to run today, didn’t get to it this morning. Completed Couch to 5k Week 2 Day 2 later in the afternoon.

    08/18: 312.2 lbs (+1.6) … I expected this. I treated myself to Chinese take out last night. Fit within my budget but was a bit more food (and more carbs) than I typically eat for dinner. Tasty though. Still below my goal for this round, so I’m happy.

    08/19: 311.2 lbs (-1.0) … some uptick recovery. Hopefully I’ll see another loss tomorrow to round out the challenge. Completed Couch to 5k Week 2 Day 3 this morning, though my left leg is a bit sore. I might give it a few days rest and redo that run. I’d be more comfortable ramping up my running intervals next week if I could complete this one without pain.


    Challenge delta: -3.5 lbs
    Total Weight Loss: 75.4 lbs

    jgm10d History
    R84: +0.5
    R85: -4.6