Before and afters for people starting at 300lbs please!!



  • grinning_chick
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    AHusky1 wrote: »
    Hopefully the next 25 lbs will take the moobs off too... :neutral:

    If you are not seeing them decrease in proportion with the rest of your body measurements/dimensions as the weight loss proceeds, I would recommend you see your doctor and request a medication review/medical history/physical exam/hormonal panel/etceteras to rule out gynecomastia.

  • Je55ica_79
    Je55ica_79 Posts: 276 Member
    Wow all of you guys are awesome! Great losses going on!
  • grinning_chick
    grinning_chick Posts: 765 Member
    AHusky1 wrote: »
    I went to a doctor this year and had a hormone panel done. He said everything they checked was all within normal ranges.

    Based on my pictures as I progress (I've got photos for every 10 lbs I lose), they are decreasing, but quite slowly.

    After I'm below the threshold for overweight BMI, I'm planning to go back to the doc. That's why the next 25ish pounds are important.


    Always a pleasure to learn it isn't being overlooked anymore.

  • saresimsr36
    saresimsr36 Posts: 128 Member

    From 360+lbs to 160+lbs

    I'm curious, what did you do to lose the weight? How long did it take you? Oyr starting weights are the same and I would love to reach that goal weight.
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