Why did you come to the conclusion to lose weight?



  • TwinThompson
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    I was 3lb off 20st.... a weight I never thought I’d reach!
  • katladyinprogress
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    Weighed myself last week, 240, my highest. :( I decided that I needed a change. I feel a different kind of motivation this time, that I’m hopeful this will be the time I accomplish it. I’m taking baby steps, walks every day and tracking what I eat. I’m drinking more water and taking it a day at a time. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Danp
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    lukeruss wrote: »
    Heard one of my daughters friends call me "your fat daddy" I never want my daughter or son to feel embarrassed of having the "fat daddy". I want to be there for a long time into the future.

    I've heard similar stories to this where the observation of a child was the wake up call.

    I guess it's easy to write off the comments about weight that come from adults as them just being 'rude' or 'insensitive' or 'nasty' or 'mean'. But when a child says it you know that there is zero judgement and zero malice behind what they say. That it's just straight up observational fact which really hits home as it can't be dismissed.
  • amy_lynn_522
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    I call it my "Path to Forty" journey.
  • lukeruss
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    One of my friends daughters described me as "the fat dad" not out of malice but that was the easiest way to describe me. I never want my kids to be ashamed of who their father is
  • PE_sport
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    I always did fitness, but this year I passed the position. Began to eat a lot, less exercise. I think it's all about laziness and my psychological state. I decided to lose weight because I no longer like my reflection in the mirror.
  • Taytaylynn92
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    Just not feeling positive about myself when I look in the mirror anymore.
  • geraldaltman
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    Varied, if not connected reasons, read on. For quite some time, I have been at various levels of overweight most recently adding stress and strain to deteriorating joints most notably my hips. I have been borderline diabetic but somehow avoided active treatment. Diet, exercise and subsequent weight loss (I want it but not dwelling on it) have re-taken it's place at the forefront with two events and a desire: the first event was left side hip replacement in January. The second was right side hip replacement in April. All exercise is now aimed maintaining and improving newfound mobility and any achieved weight is sure to extend the life span of those implants as well as improve overall health and fitness. My desire: through exercise, diet and weight loss, my goal and desire is to drop A1C level and improve my other lab numbers in such a way as to cause my doctor to gasp when she sees them and the prospect of diabetic treatment greatly minimized, if not eliminated. My target is November. I am 25 pounds closer than I was in May.