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cant seem to build



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    One way to check form is to video yourself using your phone so you can see yourself from different angles.
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    Given your levels of strength right now, I would stick with it for at least one year. There isn't really a defined "finish", the quest for strength can last a life time. But if you want some arbitrary numbers, change it up when you can bench your bodyweight for reps, squat 1.5 - 2 x BW for reps, deadlift 2 x BW for reps.
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    No squats? No deadlifts? You might want to try a 5x5 program, something that focuses on full body exercise and gradual increase in weights - got to increase resistance to build muscle.
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    by the way, is it okay to change order of the three exercises in one day?
    For example, WEEK 2 DAY 1 is supposed to be squats, head press and deadlift. I ended up doing head press, deadlift and squats because i was waiting for the rack to become available.

    good? also when can i start seeing results?

    Once you get to the heavier weights were you may or may not fail, it may make a difference. In other words, after doing deadlifts and OH press, you may not get all 5 sets of 5 in the squat. so although not issues technically, it may impact progression

    Results in strength should become apparent pretty fast, as you move up weight. are you talking body composition? that will come down more to diet than the lifting.

    so then what should I do once I come to a halt to the limit of weight that I can lift?
    by the way, I did squat today with 15 lbs and didn't feel a thing! Sounds like this program is working for me! Although I am not sure how correct my posture is while doing all these exercises.

    Is there anyone here from Toronto who wants to come to my gym just for a few session to see how my workout is?

    Life is pretty complicated, no matter what. Maybe wait to worry about things like the bolded until you get there, or close? It's pretty early times yet; that's a good long way in the future.

    In the short run, I think you're much smarter to focus on that other thing in your post: Making sure you're using good form at the start, so that you build a good foundation, and so that bad habits don't become ingrained now that will limit your progress (or cause injury) later.

    ok but how long till i get there? how ling is the strong lifts process going to last? 3 months, 4 months? 6 months? how do i know exactly when i will reach the max limit? how long do i know for sure am i supposed to do this before i decide to switch to a new routine? can someone please advise from their experience?

    This has already been answered, several times. Months, maybe a year. Long enough that worrying about it right now is pointless.

    Just focus on getting your form correct and monitoring your progress in adding more weight over time. You will see results.
  • cupcakesandproteinshakescupcakesandproteinshakes Posts: 155Member Member Posts: 155Member Member
    OP I spent 3 months doing strong lifts. Others spend up to about a year. It really varies. I just couldn’t keep adding weight each session. As soon as that happens to you then you are ready to change to an intermediate programme. There’s loads of free programmes on the internet that will do the job. If you like powerlifting then I’d suggest barbell medicines free programme called the bridge. They also have a range of other programmes on their website. If you are concerned about form and technique you can post videos of yourself lifting on the thread in the gaining weight and bodybuilding forum.
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    Just to clarify when people are telling you to do 'resistance training' they're not talking about resistance against the helpful advice they're offering.

    You've come with a question, lots of people have offered excellent advice, suggestions and insight but you seem to be flatly ignoring it all. Are you really just looking for someone to agree with the approach you've already decided on so you can feel better about it?

    why are all these machines at the gym anyways if all im supposed to do are just powerlift exercises 3 times a week?
    whats the point of sitting leg curl or shoulder press or biceps cable extension if im not supposed to do them at all
    ? who are these exercises meant for then?

    PS - all the machines and stuff? I use a whole damned bunch of them. I'm not a powerlifter though I do do the 3 main lifts regularly, but going against the grain here, they are not the be all and end all. It all depends on what you want. You want pure strength with the added bonus of muscle aginz? fine. powerlift away. You want body sculpting? You'll need a bunch of accessories and that includes machines.

    So yeah, at the moment you just want to be able to bench press - so - the stronglifts or 5x5 or whatever other powerlifty program will be good for you. They are good programs. But - if you can't feel your chest on your press - like I said just before - get a trainer to show you how to feel it.
  • youcantflexcardioyoucantflexcardio Posts: 545Member, Premium Member Posts: 545Member, Premium Member
    You need to focus on the big, compound movements first...think bench, squat, deadlift, dips, pull-ups, standing overhead press. Once you have those down, then you can start adding accessory work. Eat to gain, follow a program, and apply the principles of progressive overload.
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