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Please help with this argument- Intermittent fasting related

raven56706raven56706 Member, Premium Posts: 907 Member Member, Premium Posts: 907 Member
On my friends side, he says Intermittent Fasting has tons of benefits and doesnt't have to be done with Keto.

I have said " if it doesnt have anything to do with Keto, why fast? just stick to the calories and thats it."

i mean correct me if i am wrong (i checked google and forget it. tons of "experts" ) but IF is just a way to restrict your calories thats it. say you eat 1800 calories a day for weight loss. if you eat 200 calories at lets say 8am, then you have the ENTIRE day to eat 1600. You don't have to wait but just be mindful of your eating.

What i am trying to say is there is no magic to it correct?


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