What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • LouVee186000
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    Life has been not good the past few weeks. But tonight, I'm going to celebrate my NSV's, even the repetitive ones, any way I can think of, to bring in a little light & chase off the darkness:
    1. I'm now close to my 50 days in a row logging mark. During the past couple of weeks, I think I still only went over calories one day, and it was by very little. All other days have again been well under. As other folks have mentioned, building habits when you are feeling strong is what keeps you going when you are feeling weak. I'm so grateful for those habits right now. One step at a time, over and over again.
    2. I bought a second food scale so that I can have one both at home and at work. When a co-worker gently teased me about my insistence on precise measurements, I informed her "I have the power!" in my best He-Man voice (which is admittedly not great due to the whole being female with a fairly high pitched voice and no acting talent thing, but hey, viva la 80's ;) )
    3. Some days it feels like I'll never get to my goal, but today I crunched the numbers and reminded myself, I'm almost 20% of the way there. That's not nuthin'.
    4. Recently I began feeling fully secure enough to believe that fewer calories in than out really works for me. Even though my rational brain always understood that, there was the illogical, fearful little corner that always secretly believed that somehow, I'll be the odd creature that defies all natural laws and gets fatter just by breathing air. Nope. Air is air, and the cowardly negative chatterbox in the back of my mind can just zip it.