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    10/24: 207-[/b] Baby steps. Yesterday was bad! I had the worst migraine and am so thankful for Advil. My wisdom teeth pain I think is the main reason for the migraines and it's starting up again now. I'm just too scared to get them removed, and with work I don't think I'm able to take the time off. Last night I couldn't do anything. I felt like a mess and just want my energy back. I keep sleeping funky too; knocking out with the lights on, double pillows giving me neck strain, etc. I really am taking baby steps in the right direction though. Don't want to push myself too hard and get sick. This sucks :neutral: but I'm trying.

    OI am so sorry- Both my kids had there wisdom teeth removed 2 summers in a row. Both had teeth impacted and were out to sleep. they were so cute when they woke up, another story for another day... But both needed a week to recover. I suffer with migraines and if I knew a cure may exist I would definitely do whatever needs to be done, but there is definitely a recovery time needed. Good Luck, hope you feel better soon.

    Thank you!! I hope your kids had a speedy recovery! I'm worried once I get them removed mine will take some time, but I know I have to get it done eventually. The migraine keeps getting bad, but hopefully meds will do there thing. Thank you again! <3