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    chalazae wrote: »
    Female- Age:30
    Height: 5'1"
    HW- 213
    CW- 206
    CGW: 201
    UGW: 145

    Round 89 SW 209.2 EW 207 (-2.2)
    Round 90 SW 207 EW 205.4 (-1.6)
    Round 91 SW 206.4 EW 205.4 (-1)
    Round 92 SW 205.4 EW 205 (-0.4)


    10/20: DNW- Did too much today and just didn't really weigh in.

    10/21:206- I let a little loose yesterday. Went to Disneyland and walked a lot. Didn't have as much water and ended up having sushi for dinner with my cousin. I hope I can get through this week with at least some progress.

    10/22: DNW- Spent the night at my boyfriends since he finally got a day off. Kept dinner simple and I thought we would make it in the gym together last night, but think we were both out of it. I'm feeling a lot better today, especially after he told me he can tell I've slimmed down a little. Honestly, hearing that made me so happy! I'm meal prepping when I get home today and will be pushing myself to get back in the habit of the gym tonight.
    I'm a little nervous not knowing my weight for today, but hoping it hasn't gone up.

    10/23: 207.2- Ugh this is no good! I had a feeling I went up, but didn't think it was by that much :neutral: Plus gym didn't happen last night. Not sure what's wrong with me, but I cannot keep my eyes open and just need sleep. I need a break, all this running around, driving everywhere, doing things is draining me! It shouldn't be an excuse though, I need to start getting serious. Ate kinda bad last night, not gonna lie. Need to finish meal prepping and start logging my meals again.

    10/24: 207- Baby steps. Yesterday was bad! I had the worst migraine and am so thankful for Advil. My wisdom teeth pain I think is the main reason for the migraines and it's starting up again now. I'm just too scared to get them removed, and with work I don't think I'm able to take the time off. Last night I couldn't do anything. I felt like a mess and just want my energy back. I keep sleeping funky too; knocking out with the lights on, double pillows giving me neck strain, etc. I really am taking baby steps in the right direction though. Don't want to push myself too hard and get sick. This sucks :neutral: but I'm trying.

    10/25:206-Woohoo! I'm so proud of myself for being on top of my stuff yesterday. Andddddd I pushed myself to go to the gym last night :smiley: I popped an Advil, got my healthy food shopping done, and went to the gym. I did 30 mins cardio and some strength for my arms, didn't want to push more than that. Stayed under 100 net carbs and had 51oz water (baby steps) I feel so cruddy this morning, with the migraine not going away STILL and for some reason I'm running to the bathroom all morning.
    ALSO I bought my bf the same scale I have because his needs to go in the trash and never see the light of day again. Hope everyone's Friday is going well <3

    10/26:205.6-Feels great to be out of 206 :blush: No gym last night and honestly ended up having a big mac :neutral: It's day 73847324820398 of my migraine and no improvement. I just took some meds and hope it will help. Heading to my bf's house today and have a birthday with friends tomorrow, oh I hope the pain goes away.


    Guessing it may not be a migraine...YANK THOSE TEETH! lol...Kudos for getting under 206...Happy 21st, tomorrow! ;)

    Nooo I'm terrified!!!! But I know it has to happen, timing just really sucks. Thank you! Now let's hope I don't see 206 ever again :smiley: haha thank you! My birthday isn't until next month, but will be celebrating my friend's special day tomorrow at Pirates :blush: Just hoping the pain goes away so I can have a drink and watch the show :smile:
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    @biche896 I had the same problem for decades. I’m the leftover eater in the house or I was. I finally realized that it was my own issue that I couldn’t waste food. Maybe because it was going to help those children who were staving somewhere else in the world by stuffing myself - NOT!

    I think for me - I just don’t like wasting perfecting good food and wasting money.