Keto made me sick as a dog!



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    I tried it and didnt lose weight even being in a calorie deficit. It just wasnt for me.
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    It's just not for everyone. :|
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    Rat study. The problem is the effect that pure sugar might have on a rat may not translate to having sugar as part of meal in humans. if you'd like to read more about its relation to human biology direct from the US Library of Medicine rather than just say "rats mean its invalid"... Either way i'm done with this discussion. Some of you are so set on "fake news" because of some exaggerated statements you are unwilling to look for the grains of truth in it.

    Personally I found the last study you linked incredibly interesting since they used Saccharine instead of sugar in the test. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been struggling in maintenance and wondered if my sugar substitutes had anything to do with it. I just want to mention that I use them excessively not just occasionally which likely wouldn't be a problem. It does answer the question I had about whether it was affecting my efforts to relose about 15 pounds. The more I eat of them the more I crave despite the intestinal upset. Might need to cut them out for a while.
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    What you are describing is what is commonly referred to as the "Keto Flu". It comes from an electrolyte imbalance that comes from the drastic cut in carbs. This can sometimes be lessened by increasing electrolyte intake. The symptoms last a couple of days to a couple of weeks, and then it balances itself out.

    However there is no reason to put yourself through that for weight loss, as weight loss comes from a calorie deficit, and you can still eat plenty of carbs and lose weight. I've lost 40 pounds, at times eating 300+ grams of carbs per day.

    I enjoy how we basically said the same thing in our comments, but I ended up with 10 people disagreeing with me LOL.
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    I tried low carb but a lot of fat makes me feel sick, I don't have a gallbladder so that could be why. I still mostly eat non starchy veg but the only fat I eat is a little olive oil or milk with fat. Anything fried, fatty meat, and oily food makes me feel awful.

    On the topic of sugar, I always drank diet soda so I've never just consumed straight sugar. I do crave sugary foods and am awful at moderating them so I don't keep them in the house. They do have fat too though I have to watch it with light ice cream as well. I personally feel it's more mental, at least in my case. I was dependent on a painkiller from long-term use and on nicotine, I've never physically shook or threw up from sugar withdrawal as I did coming off them.
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    I love fat, but too much of it and I feel nauseous.

    I like moderate carbs, fat, and protein, so have no interest in trying keto.

    I may do an experiment with limiting added sugar for a month just to be able to comment on statements like this from my own n=1:
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    ...If you weren't low sugar before, don't forget that sugar is one of the most addicting substances in the world and removal of it truly can feel like withdrawal.

    I have started the limiting added sugar for a month experiment.

    10/23: 85 g
    10/24: 48 g
    10/25: 26 g

    My goal is to keep to the WHO recommendations of no more than 5% added sugar.

    Others in the challenge have their own goals:
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    It wasn't for me either. I did have some digestive issues (not as violent as yours), but that wasn't the worst of it. I was constantly hungry and tired, black hole kind of hungry. I was miserable and my anxiety and depression reached levels I had never experienced before. That was the worst of it. I don't want to ever feel like that again if I can help it.
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    I'm wanting to post a gif of Brian from the Family Guy upchucking. But the mods would throw me in jail.
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    Guys, please do not go down this route of sugar addiction. If you want to have that conversation, create another thread please.

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    I have cycled in and out of Keto, and it's always the same; I feel great, no cravings, sleep well, BUT, it messes with my electrolytes! A lot of Keto groups will tell you not to drink all the water you want (because it makes you thirsty), and to add additional sodium and potassium to your diet.
    Truth be told, I felt much better on a low carb--but not Keto-- way of eating, and consistently getting 20 or fewer net carbs per day was making me miserable with no appreciable benefits. I was losing weight my way, and feeling terrific---and occasionally would go into Keto due to a low carb day or lots of exercise, or a long overnight fast.

    Unless there is a medical reason to do Keto, I think lowering carbs overall gives one the same benefits without having to guzzle pickle juice and avoid a slice of apple in favor of the bit of carbs found in a tablespoon of ketchup. For me, it's no way to live. More power to those it works for, but it's too restrictive for me, and there is absolutely no reason for me to eat that way.
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    PS: The needing to eat a lot of salt continues with Keto. You don't "acclimate" to it eventually. I got tired of constant electrolyte headaches and peeing my brains out unless I was eating 3,500 mg of salt a day. For me, that didn't seem healthy. Plus, I enjoy food. A lot of the "low carb substitute" frankenfoods aren't healthy to me. I avoid processed stuff. I see nothing wrong with adding in plenty of non-starchy veggies, and keeping the carbs to under 100 total per day. Not keto, but a real improvement.
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    I'm wanting to post a gif of Brian from the Family Guy upchucking. But the mods would throw me in jail.

    Isn't that the episode when he makes out with Quagmire's dad then finds out the she is a he? Best episode ever!!😂🤣
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    I’m not the biggest fan of keto, but is it possible you had a touch of the flu or food poisoning that had the bad timing to occur as you started your new way of eating?
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    I is wrong to call Keto a fad. It has been around since around 1920 when it was developed to treat seizures (before we had seizure medications) and is still used to treat that. Furthermore there is an increased body of research that show the benefit of low carb and higher fat/protein. Low carb diet was described in the 19th century by Banting (1860) and Dr. Osler (of Johns Hopkins).

    Cutting down carbs and only eating three meals a will make a significant difference not only on weight - but also on metabolic health. Being thin on the outside does not equal good health.

    Many people have difficulty cutting down carbs because it is an addictive substance (well supported scientifically).

    I can highly recommend Gary Taubes book "good calories - bad calories"