• biggiwig4483
    biggiwig4483 Posts: 90 Member
    October Start Weight:141
    October Goal Weight: 135
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130

    Oct 1: 141
    Oct 8: 139.2
    Oct 15: 137.8
    Oct 22: 137.5
    Oct 29: 137
    Oct 31:
  • everydaywechoose
    everydaywechoose Posts: 270 Member
    October Start Weight: 140.4
    October Goal Weight: less than I started
    Ultimate Goal Weight: maintain between 125-130

    Oct 1: 140.4
    Oct 8: 141.4
    Oct 15: 142.4 well, no excuses...I did have my wedding anniversary, but we ate lobster, red snapper and garlic shrimp. Then well, last night was thanksgiving. So, I'm not excusing or explaining...well I guess I'm explaining, but this is silly. There will always be celebrations in life, those little ups and downs will not make the difference over time....but my habits will make the difference, not the celebrations. The day in day out habits, the routines. I have wine every day, probably 2 to 3 glasses, so there it is. I eat very healthy, otherwise. I do not eat processed foods. I live in a small fishing village in Nicaragua so there are no fast food places. Not that I would go there. Anyways I am digressing. I eat a what I think is a well balanced diet with about 1200 cal per day. Carbs are not low, but reasonable less than 120, less than 100 most days. I eat loads of vegies, and I love meat:) I work out every day, 30 min stretch, 30-40 min yoga (beginner yoga) and then about 20-50 min pilates. Then I go clean my pool, and while I'm cleaning the sides of the pool, I do my squats..it's kinda funny to watch. Then I eat (either sauteed cabbage with left over vegies and meat; or my homemade soup, or cottage cheese and tomato, or eggs with vegies. Then I do my spanish, wander the 1/2 accre garden, read my book on the hammock. When I get too hot I jump into the pool and goof around for half hour (with a vodka and ensa), then it's time come up and watch the sunset with a glass of wine of course. Then make dinner...high protein, low carb. I dont add salt to anything, rarely buy canned vegies or frozen, I cook with what's fresh....I've lost about 12 lbs since June, but seem to be stuck now...maybe my body is just happy where it is. Or do I need to get real and shake it up...I suspect the obvious answer....ummm
    Oct 22: 139.2 Well, I took 2 days away from documenting everything and I think I needed to do that. I'm ready to recommit to this challenge.
    Oct 29: 140.4
    Oct 31:
  • ajhouse
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    October Start Weight: 125.2
    October Goal Weight: 122.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: maintain between 120-125

    Oct 1: 125.2
    Oct 8: 125.0 – Lost during the week, but slacked up this weekend and the scale is showing it
    Oct 15: 126.8 – Bad week
    Oct 22: 124.4 – Back down in my maintenance range
    Oct 29: 124.6 – Up a little, but I haven’t been as strict with what I have eaten the last few days. Still within maintenance range.
    Oct 31:
  • leahloca68
    leahloca68 Posts: 6 Member
    October start weight: 163
    Oct goal weight: can’t remember.
    Ultimate goal: 140

    Oct 1: 163
    Oct 8: 162.9
    Oct 15: 161.5
    Oct 22: 160.5
    Oct 29: 159.5
    Oct 31:
  • jamfullhouse
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    edited October 2019
    Original Starting weight 178.5
    October Start Weight: 171
    October Goal Weight: 167
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135

    Oct 1: 171
    Oct 8: 170
    Oct 15: 172.5
    Oct 22: 168.9
    Oct 29:170 Not to bad considering 10 hours of driving to visit family and Halloween parties over the weekend. I thought it would be much worse.
    Oct 31:
  • thumbalina81
    thumbalina81 Posts: 12 Member
    October Start Weight: 70.4 (155.2 lb)
    October Goal Weight: 69.4 (153 lb)
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 58

    Oct 1:
    Oct 8:
    Oct 15: 70.4 kg
    Oct 24: 69.6 kg (153.4 lb)
    Oct 29: 68.5 kg gooooot it!!! Just dont want to gain it back! As i am being very strict with the food and that goves me a bit of grumpiness and anxiety
    Oct 31:
  • 171lake
    171lake Posts: 894 Member
    October Start Weight: 134.3
    October Goal Weight: 130
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 120

    Oct 1: 134.3
    Oct 8: 132.3
    Oct 15: 132.7
    Oct 22: 132.3
    Oct 29: 132.2
    Oct 31:

    2.1 lb lost of 4.3 lbs goal

  • TazPower229
    TazPower229 Posts: 24 Member
    October Start Weight: 247
    October Goal Weight: 235
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 225

    Oct 1: 242.8 😎
    Oct 8: 238.2 (-4.6) 😎😎
    Oct 15: 235.4 (-2.8)(Total So Far = -11.6)
    Oct 22: 234.6 (-0.8)(Total So Far = -12.4)
    Oct 29: 231.8 (-2.8)(Total So Far = - 15.2)
    Oct 31:

    “A Dream Doesn’t Become Reality Through Magic; It Takes SWEAT, DETERMINATION, AND HARD WORK.”
  • deepwoodslady
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    My name is Donna & I am from Michigan. I am 5’5” and 59 years young.

    Original Highest Weight: 253
    Original Starting Weight on MFP: 235

    October Start Weight: 194.2
    October Goal Weight: 188.2
    October End Weight: 188.0

    Oct 01:
    194.2 After travel weigh-in. Ugg. Feeling motivated today. I would like to securely hit the 180s in October!

    Oct 08:
    188.2 I’m feeling really great about hitting the 180’s. However, I’ve shown fluctuations this week due to travel, and more travel expected this week. That means lots of sitting & restaurant food. Trying to keep my mindset on my overall plan!

    Oct 15:
    189.9 The effects of the travel. It never looks good on me!

    Oct 22:
    192.8 Emergency travel yesterday for a family matter. Over on carbs & calories but this is ridiculous! I will be working this back down today with water & careful meal planning and a nice long walk inside the school (rain today).

    Oct 29:
    188.0 Much better than last week and back on track! I will be traveling tomorrow (8 hour round trip of driving) so I will make my last weigh in tomorrow morning before I leave. I am sure that the scale will be up on the 31st from all the car sitting & restaurant food. I don’t want to end the month with temporary water retention from the sodium found in most restaurant meals showing on the scale. That would signal a false ending weight this round, and more importantly (since I've done well this round) it would start me too high next round with a false high which would end on a bigger loss than what is true for November, so I'm keeping it real. I'll reweigh on November 1st which gives me 24 hours after travel to release fluid retention & travel bloat.
    Anyway, I am below goal this morning so I am a very happy camper!

    Oct 30:
    188.0 I made goal for the first time in a long time in this challenge. I am proud of my persistence. Nice round everyone. See you in November.
  • siouxieq62
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    edited October 2019
    1st timer joining in!
    Original starting weight: 252
    October Start weight: 224.5
    October Goal Weight: 218
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 160

    October 1: 224.5
    October 8: 224.0
    October 15 225.0
    October 22 226
    October 29 224
    October 31

    want to hit 200 by December 31st!!