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So it finally happened :-/ I’m obese BMI is 36.8 if that helps. I recently haven’t been feeling good. Question is I don’t blame weight. I would like to hear from people that were overweight and lost did you actually feel better or different ? I just feel I will always feel tired dizzy when doing too much uncomfortable etc.


  • tauntonmom
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    Ask your doctor about the dizziness. I don't know what "doing too much" might be for you, but I could do plenty before I left the obese BMI behind, without getting dizzy.
  • ElizabethKalmbach
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    Most of the times I have been overweight, it has been caused by or exacerbated by an underlying medical condition, and when I treat whatever condition is causing the problem, I naturally lose weight and feel better at the same time.
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    I honestly don’t think there’s any doubt that the closer you are to a healthy weight the better you feel!

    My BMI has never been above 27 at my heaviest but getting it down into normal range just gives me energy and makes moving a positive pleasure. To utilise a cliche - I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin!

    Of course, there are health conditions that are not improved by losing weight, but there are so many that are improved that to think otherwise sounds like denial to me!

    Well I do not feel like I’m in denial. I just cannot imagine when I hear people say they feel younger and have more energy, I just don’t buy that. I know being closer to our perfect weight means we are healthier. I just want to know if anyone felt the same and did lose the weight and magically felt healthier, Not prettier just less tired more energy etc. I don’t know maybe I’m not explaining it correctly.

    As for dizziness I can do it all i keep up with my thin friends it’s just after I feel dizzy or lightheaded I guess is more like it. I am going to the doctor I have before they blamed my inner ear :-)
  • ElizabethKalmbach
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    I would go back to the doctor and get the dizziness taken care of. Until the doctors can PROVE that you have a reason to be dizzy all the time you shouldn't accept vague hand waving as an answer. YOU PAID MONEY FOR MORE THAN JUST GUESSING. Yes there is guessing involved, but the results of the best guess and treatment require follow up.

    Sometimes there are LAYERS of reasons why something is happening and if you give up solving the problems and looking for answers, you're stuck leading a sub-optimal life.

    I spent YEARS thinking I was an insomniac who would never get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. As it turns out, I have *multiple* conditions with insomnia as a symptom. Once I got treatment for *all* the things that made it hard for me to sleep, I started getting much better sleep. My ability to remember things and cope with life is SO much better on 6 hours of sleep than it ever was on 4 hours, and knowing what I need to do to get that sleep has made me 1000% healthier. And sleeping enough has made my weight much easier to maintain than when I was doing it by will power alone. I just have to treat TWO hormone deficiencies, and keep an eye on two different recurring vitamin deficiencies.

    And you know what? When I sleep enough, I have more energy, and I don't spend all my time being depressed that I'm too tired to do anything, my stress hormones are decreased, and all my health markers are improved.

    There is a direct correlation, and I am not fooling myself into thinking I feel better when I weigh less. Correlation is NOT causation. It's just not the weighing less that makes me feel better. It's the feeling better that helps me weigh less.
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    I see a little person in your picture. That stage of life has many wonderful things but it also tends to include being tired! Like others, I myself feel better at a healthy weight and would say I have more energy/find it easier to do things than when I was heavier. Keeping up with littles will be easier at healthier weight as well!

    The dizziness thing may be completely separate. But it's unlikely to make you feel worse if you can lose some weight, as long as you do so in a healthy manner (which MFP can help you do!) I have dealt with dizziness that WAS inner ear, and was helped by seeing an ENT. So while that may or may not be the case with your situation, it is possible to have an inner ear issue cause dizziness.

    Good luck! Start with an achievable goal and be patient with yourself, you are worth it :smile: