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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • smantha32smantha32 Member Posts: 7,002 Member Member Posts: 7,002 Member
    smantha32 wrote: »
    I'm just barely out of overweight but I'm a little unnerved at how bony things are. The bump on my wrist feels huge. My knuckles seem huge. My ribs are easily identifiable. My knees are way harder to shave. My elbows are still alright though, lol.

    I lost all the fat off my butt! It hurts to sit. I'm still trying to decide if this is all a good idea. lol

    SAME! I have loose skin where my butt USED TO BE! :D It's really tough when a dude like me didn't have much of a butt to begin with ! haha (2020 goals, BUTT MUSCLES!)

    Too bad we can't be squat buddies. lol
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