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Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • kdking09kdking09 Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    Add away everyone. I’ll take all the motivation I can get and I’ll help whoever needs it. Team work makes the dream work. 😏
  • MarvinsAMartianMarvinsAMartian Posts: 238Member Member Posts: 238Member Member
    I'll add my name to the list. Feel free to add.
  • xMartyMcFlyxMartyMcFly Posts: 5Member, Premium Member Posts: 5Member, Premium Member
    Hey everybody!

    Just found the community forum this week.
    I've been tracking/losing since 10/14/2019.
    Mainly focusing on a specific calorie limit but over the last week I cut out a meal and have been on a two meal 19/5 IF and have been loving it!
    Looking for friends on here :)
    I'm accepting all friend requests!
  • natashiarednatashiared Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Feel free to add me. I log daily and love to see my friends doing well.
    I’m from the UK 🇬🇧
  • momofolimomofoli Posts: 83Member, Premium Member Posts: 83Member, Premium Member
    Me me me !!!
  • OliverRaningerVeganOliverRaningerVegan Posts: 360Member, Premium Member Posts: 360Member, Premium Member
    Yes, new friends. Coming from Germany, since 12 years vegan, for the animals!
  • sophieleanne09sophieleanne09 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hi would love new friends and motivators x
  • southerman46southerman46 Posts: 828Member Member Posts: 828Member Member
    Back from a long time off and always looking for friends .
  • jothekidjothekid Posts: 229Member Member Posts: 229Member Member
    Need more friends to keep me motivated! Add me please and let’s go on this journey together :)
  • SarahMWong15SarahMWong15 Posts: 58Member Member Posts: 58Member Member
    I'd love to have some more friends! My feed is slow and I'd love to have people to encourage and be encouraged by!! I'm 25. active at the gym and pool and I'm a fitbit user!!
  • Kimberleyb81Kimberleyb81 Posts: 12Member Member Posts: 12Member Member
  • Christine4069Christine4069 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Not new to MFP but new to the community...looking for friends to motivate and support me along my journey...feel free to add me. 😊
  • MarqiizMarqiiz Posts: 707Member Member Posts: 707Member Member
    Happy Sunday everyone. Its 3:59 here which is basically Monday already.
  • TriathleteDebTriathleteDeb Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    Add me please!!!

  • JT_24JT_24 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    I used to be really active on this site years ago, then only used it off and on. I have found that I miss the friendships that were created, so I am looking for new friends. Feel free to add me!
  • viczye23viczye23 Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member
    Feel free to add me
  • BeamingBadassBeamingBadass Posts: 1,453Member Member Posts: 1,453Member Member
    Always love active peeps 😁
  • diets_and_daiquirisdiets_and_daiquiris Posts: 138Member Member Posts: 138Member Member
    I'd love more friends here, Had a break from this app and now I'm back a lot of my friends are inactive.
    I'll go on an adding spree too
  • cheesenobiscuitcheesenobiscuit Posts: 79Member Member Posts: 79Member Member
    I need more active friends. I like to post updates about what I'm doing and would love to hear what you're doing too! Weightloss-related or otherwise. Add me!
  • Tony_Von_StryfeTony_Von_Stryfe Posts: 145Member Member Posts: 145Member Member
    Are you looking for a motivating, chatty friend.
    Well, look no further
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